Tuesday, January 5, 2021

TTM Returns today-2 cup of coffee guys

 I really enjoy getting signed baseballs from short stint White Sox players.  I like hearing their story and what they do now.

Today saw 2 cup of coffee guys come in.

1. George Enright (played in 2 games with 1 plate appearance in 1976).  He know does fishing charters in Florida.  Sent to home and returned in about 10 days.  I would have preferred him to sign on the sweet spot but I wonder if some players haven't signed on the sweet spot before and aren't sure about it.

2. Dan Neumeier (played 3 games, 3 innings in 1972).  As many know the post office has been slow.  This left his local post office on December 11th and was not to be seen until it got to my regional office on January 1st.  

I found it interesting that both have put me at the 50 percent mark for their season completion rate.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Signed baseball collection at the end of 2020.

As 2020 comes to an end, I'd like to recap where I am on my collection.  Recently, I switched to sending a letter of request with an auto card asking permission to send a baseball.  I've been pretty happy with those results.

From 2020, I got the following signed baseballs TTM.

  1. Bill Voss
  2. Russ Snyder
  3. Mike Eden
  4. Don Buford (with $5)
  5. Jerry McNertney
  6. John "Blue Moon" Odom (with $10)
  7. Lee Elia
  8. Barry Moore (with $10)
  9. Frank Kreutzer
  10. Jeoff Long
  11. Tom Spencer
  12. Ron Reed (with $25)
  13. Pete Filson
  14. Mike Heathcott
  15. Doug Brady
  16. Larry Monroe
  17. Wilson Alvarez (Past Pros)
  18. Brian McCall
  19. Jim Siwy
  20. David Sanders
  21. Tim Cullen
  22. Ken Vining
  23. Eddie Williams (Past Pros)
  24. Lee Richard
  25. Bryan Clark (Past Pros)
  26. Danny Lazar
  27. Chuck Lindstrom
  28. Dean Look
  29. Rob Scahill
  30. Dylan Axelrod
  31. Gene Rounsaville
  32. Fred Howard
  33. Claude Osteen
  34. Josh Paul (Past Pros)
  35. Dave Baldwin
  36. Danny Cater ($15)
  37. Dave Nicholson
  38. Bob Farley
  39. Steve Kealey
  40. Steve jones
  41. Rich Morales
  42. Bruce Howard
  43. Dennis Ribant
  44. Chris Knapp
  45. Bill long
  46. Eddie Leon
  47. Randy Scarbery
  48. Richie Moloney
  49. Mark Ryal
  50. Jason Dellaero
  51. Don Secrist
  52. Bob Coluccio
  53. Joe Henderson
Private Signings from 2020
  1. Dave Stieb
  2. Donnie Hill
  3. Mike LaValliere
  4. Jose Segura
  5. Gene Nelson
  6. Scott Bradley
  7. Sandy Alomar Jr.m
  8. Reid Nichols
  9. Wayne Tolleson
  10. Atlee Hammaker
  11. Ellis Burks
  12. Billy Koch
  13. Sammy Sosa
  14. Dave LaPoint
  15. Ruben Sierra
  16. Rymer Liriano
  17. Phil Regan
  18. Lyle Mouton
  19. Jerry Royster
  20. Greg Walker
  21. Juan Agosto
  22. Neil Allen
  23. Jim Morrison
  24. Gene Lamont
  25. Phil Bradley
  26. Jim Willoughby
  27. Joe Crede
  28. Alan Embree
  29. Mike Jackson
  30. Rick White
  31. Antonio Osuna
  32. Philip Humber
  33. Jordan Danks
  34. Kevin Tapani
Consignments from 2020
  1. Warren Brusstar
  2. Scott Eyre
  3. Chad Kreuter
  4. Rodney McCray
  5. Neal Cotts
  6. Ryan Burr
  7. Jimmy Cordero
  8. Jose Ruiz
In Person
  1. Luis Vizcaino
  2. Steve Cishek
  3. Dallas Keuchel
  4. Mike Sirotka
  5. Yasmani Grandal
  6. Luis Gonzalez
  7. Jonathan Stiever
  8. Danny Farquhar
  9. Evan Marshall
  10. Blake Rutheford
  11. Micker Adolfo
  12. Frank Menechino
  13. Tyler Johnson
  14. Scott Coolbaugh
  15. Nomar Mazara
  16. Dan Pasqua
  17. Gavin Sheets
  18. Andrew Vaughn
  19. Chris Getz
  20. Tom Paciorek
  21. Garrett Crochet
  22. Matt Foster
  23. Codi Heuer

  1. Lastings Milledge
  2. Edwin Encarnacion
  3. Joakim Soria
  4. Trayce Thompson
  5. Hector Santiago
  6. Miguel Gonzalez (P)
  7. Jim Rivera
  8. Bob Kuzava
  9. Roy Sievers
  10. Cisco Carlos
  11. Lucas Giolito
  12. Chris Sale
  13. Willy Miranda
  14. Eloy Jimenez
  15. Hoyt Wilhelm
  16. Early Wynn
  17. Jimmy Rollins
  18. Scott Carroll
  19. Juan Uribe
  20. Willie Harris
  21. Scott Podsednik
  22. Dave Philley
  23. Ken Kravec
  24. Welington Castillo
  25. Ramon Troncoso
  26. Jay Johnstone
  27. Anthony Ranaudo
  28. Jeanmar Gomez
  29. Turk Lown
  30. Vicente Romo
  31. Ralph Hodgin
  32. Jimmy Gobble
  33. Tom Seaver
  34. Bobby Thigpen
  35. Jeremy Reed
  36. Manny Ramirez
  37. Juan Nieves
  38. Ray Durham
  39. Tyler Flowers
  40. Virgil Trucks
  41. Ferris Fain
  42. Miguel Gonzalez (C)
  43. Walt Dropo
  44. Don Mueller
  45. Adam LaRoche
  46. Justin Morneau
  47. Horacio Ramirez
  48. Edwin Jackson
  49. Chuck McElroy
  50. Jim kaat

Goals for 2021.

  1. Stay focused-I did spend some time getting some cards, trying to collect complete sets, etc...I'd like to keep things focused as much on signed baseballs as possible.
  2. Pace myself-Seeing everything here makes me realize how much I spent on this hobby.  I just need to keep perspective.
  3. Finish a season-I am 3 balls away from having the 2018 complete set (Luis Avilan, Omar Narvaez, Xavier Cedeno).  Also close to 2015 (9) and 2019 (7).  Although those teams are very forgettable, I'd like to complete one.
Looking forward to 2021.

Remembering those we lost in 2020

As we turn the calendar to 2021, here is a brief overview of some of the White Sox players who passed away in 2020.  Thanks for all of the memories throughout the years!

Don Larsen (8/7/1929-1/1/2020)-White Sox 1961

Don Pavletich (7/13/1938-3/5/2020)-White Sox 1969

Gil Coan (3/18/1922-2/4/2020)-White Sox 1955 (17 games)

Ed Farmer (10/18/1949-4/1/2020)-White Sox 1979-1981 (All-Star 1980)-Broadcaster 1992-2019

Bart Johnson (1/3/1950-4/22/2020)-White Sox 1969-1974; 1976-1977

Howie Judson (2/16/1925-8/18/2020)-White Sox 1948-1952

Tom Seaver (11/17/1944-8/31/2020)-White Sox 1984-1986

Jay Johnstone (11/20/1945-9/26/2020)-White Sox 1971-1972

Jim Derrington (11/29/1939-9/30/2020)-White Sox 1956-1957(Made his debut at the age of 16)

Dick Allen (3/8/1942-12/7/2020)-White Sox 1972-1974 (MVP 1972, All-Star 1972-1974)

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Recent Past Pros returns

 Past Pros has really stepped up with some new players.  I just have to pace myself with these great signings!

Josh Paul (1999-2003) $15

1987-14/36-38.89% complete
1989-17/42-40.48% complete
1999-10/40-25.00% complete
2000-15/42-35.71% complete
2001-14/43-33.33% complete
2002-11/35-31.43% complete
2003-17/40-42.50% complete

Recent TTM Returns

Several Recent TTM Returns from May-September
Dylan Axelrod (2011-2013) now works with the Los Angeles Angels.  I messaged him to ask permission and he got this back in about 2 weeks.

Tim Cullen played in Chicago in 1968.  This ball was signed and returned in 16 days this June.

Dan Lazar (1968-1969) is one of the rare 100% returns on SCN.  He signed this ball and returned it in 16 days.

1968-19/39-48.27% complete
1969-14/43-32.56% complete
2011-23/42-54.76% complete
2012-24/45-53.33% complete
2013-27/47 57.45% complete


Friday, May 29, 2020

2 eBay purchases

I'm always look for decent deals of former South Siders on ebay.  Both were under 15 dollars shipped so I was happy to get them.

Miguel Olivo ball came with a Topps Reserve Hologram on it.  I don't know much about those but still nice.  I remember really liking him before the Freddy Garcia trade and then not hearing much about him.  I was surprised to read that he played until 2014 after his 3 years in Chicago from 2002-2004.
Like Miguel, Bill Fischer played his first 3 years in Chicago (1956-1958).  He was part of a trade that brought Bob Shaw and Ray Boone to the 1959 Go Go Sox.  

1956 Team-9/41-21.95% Complete-Cal Abrams, Luis Aparicio, Jim Derrington, Bill Fischer, Jack Harshman, George Kell, Minnie Minoso, Billy Pierce, Jim Rivera
1957 Team-9/36-25.00% complete-Luis Aparicio, Jim Derrington, Bill Fischer, Jack Harshman, Jim Landis, Barry Latman, Minnie Minoso, Billy Pierce, Jim Rivera
1958 Team-11/40-27.50% complete-Luis Aparicio, Ray Boone, Bill Fischer, Jim Landis, Barry Latman, Billy Pierce, Tom Qualters, Jim Rivera, John Romano, Bob Shaw, Al Smith, Early Wynn
2002-8/35-22.86% complete-Mark Buehrle, Jon Garland, Willie Harris, Bob Howry, D'Angelo Jimenez, Paul Konerko, Carlos Lee, Damaso Marte, Miguel Olivo, Aaron Rowand, Frank Thomas
2003-13/40-32.50% complete-Roberto Alomar, Mark Buehrle, Bartolo Colon, Neal Cotts, Carl Everett, Jon Garland, Willie Harris, D'Angelo Jimenez, Paul Konerko, Carlos Lee, Damaso Marte, Miguel Olivo, Aaron Rowand, Frank Thomas
2004-18/42-42.86% complete-Roberto Alomar, Jeff Bajenaru, Mark Buehrle, Jose Contreras, Neal Cotts, Ben Davis, Carl Everett, Freddy Garcia, Jon Garland, Willie Harris, Paul Konerko, Carlos Lee, Damaso Marte, Miguel Olivo, Cliff Politte, Aaron Rowand, Frank Thomas, Juan Uribe

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Cups of Coffee on the South Side

As much as I love getting things signed by the big name players, I love the stories, the chase of the short cups of coffee players for the White Sox. Today, I got back one of these players when Mike Heathcott sent back a ball I sent to him.  Regardless, I admire these athletes and wanted to make note of their careers.

Here are the pitchers with the shortest time on the South Side that I have a signed ball in my collection:
Tim Stoddard-1 IP in 1975.  Went on to have 12 more years in the majors with the Orioles, Cubs, Padres, Yankees and Indians.

Vito Valentinetti-1 IP in 1954.  Afterwards, he pitched for the Cubs, Indians, Tigers and Senators from 1956-1959.
Mike Heathcott 3IP in 1998.  He struck out 3 in his only game.
Joe Shipley 4.2 IP in 1963.  Prior, he had three years with the Giants from 1958-1960.
Don Ferrarese-4 IP in 1960.  Overall had an 8 year career with the Orioles, Indians, Phillies and Cardinals from 1955-1962.