Friday, January 31, 2020

January Purchases

I've been trying to save money through some of the cashback apps like ShopKick, Dosh, Rakutan and GetUpside.  I was able to get a little over $100 after a while so I did some purchasing.  After SoxFest and these purchases, I'll be a little light on purchases the next couple of months.

On a FaceBook group that I am a part of, there was a guy selling balls at $20 each.  Some were certified, some were not but got a great group of some harder or obscure White Sox players.

After being on the team two other times, I look forward to seeing Gio Gonzalez on the team this season.

I tried to get Alen Hasnon at a Louisville Bats game this summer but he came out of the dugout too late.  

I was actually surprised how long it took me to get a Tony LaRussa signed ball.  He is great through the mail but I haven't got to him.

Oh Boy, Mat Latos started off so strong with the South Side but I think this is when I understood the term "Dead Cat Bounce".

I was at Alexei's first MLB game at the home opener in Cleveland.  Great player.

Although not a good pitcher for the White Sox, James Shields was a great person.  I enjoyed meeting him at picnic in the park a couple of years ago.

I also sent some balls in for a Fantasy Camp consignment in Florida.  I was hoping to get 6 but came back with 4.  Warren Brusstar, Scott Eyre, Chad Kreuter and Rodney McCray.


From eBay, I made a purchase for an Eloy Jimenez ball as I heard he side paneled signed balls at SoxFest so I decided the certified route would go better.  
One day, I searched on eBay, White Sox deceased under balls and I found this Willy Miranda ball.  Although not a big name, he does fall under the great Cuban connection with White Sox players.

And my last purchased came while waiting in line at SoxFest, I was going through auctions on the MLB auction site and saw a Jerry Hairston ball that had no bids.  I thought for sure, I would get outbid on either this ball or some of the guaranteed wristbands but ended up winning all.  I would like to study him a little more as he played so long on the South Side but didn't play a lot of games each year.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

SoxFest day 2 part 2

For the 2:30 session, my mom got an Andrew Vaughn bracelet and I got one for Carlos May, John Cangelosi, Dan Pasqua and Donn Pall. There was time for the 2:30 session so my mom went to Steve stone and Jason Benetti and they both signed cards.

Here are the balls from Vaughn and Pasqua

And the cards signed along the way. 


I then heard the end of a session about player development and got Chris Getz to sign a ball.

As I won the white Sox charities for guaranteed bracelets, I then went to get Steve Cishek on another ball for my son and a card and 16x20.

For the 4:00 sessions, there really wasn’t much that I was looking for.  I hoped to get a Dane Dunning bracelet which I did.  Also, if I were to get a Gavin Sheets bracelet, I would be 100 percent on filling my missing balls from SoxFest guests.  The 4:00 sessions involved my getting:

Dane dunning ball
Tyler Johnson card
Jonathan Stiever card
Gavin sheets ball
Luis Gonzalez 2 cards
Mike Huff 1 card
Joe mcewing 2 cards

One last walkthrough the garage sale, I picked up an Adam Eaton ball.  

Great weekend overall!

SoxFest day 2

My mom asked to come with me which is great!   We got here at 7:15 and the let people in at 9:15.   We first went to the 10:00 signing to get Blake Rutherford and Micker Adolfo.   My mom got a bracelet and I went to 9:30 photo lines for Danny Farquhar and Evan Marshall and each signed a ball for me.

Micker and Blake also signed a ball and my Sox logo photo.

We then got bracelets for Frank Manechino and Scott Coolbaugh and they both signed the photo and ball at the 11:30 session.

We then went to get bracelets for Nomar Mazara.   While waiting, I was able to get Tyler Johnson on a ball.

Nomar then signed our photo and ball.

SoxFest 2020 day one recap part two

There really wasn’t anyone I needed on a ball for the 6:30 sessions and I saw that the Yasmani Grandal line was pretty full so i bypassed the 6:30 to get a 8:00 Grandal bracelet.  I had some time so I listened to Fisk and Paciorek tell stories of 80s white Sox baseball.  Tom signed a ball on the side panel after the session. 

I also looked through their garage sale and picked up 4 balls from the garage sale signed by Joakim Soria, Hector Santiago, Trayce Thompson and Miguel Gonzalez 
The line for Grandal was long but fortunately, you could hear the sessions which helped pass the time.  He did sign on the sweet spot. 
Afterwards, I got balls signed by Jonathan Stiever and Luis Gonzalez after their photo sessions.  I just missed Dane Dunning. 

Getting ready to start day two 

SoxFest 2020 day 1 recap

My favorite weekend of the year is here.  A lot of things are different this year about SoxFest 
  1. New venue
  2. No Sunday
  3. My wife couldn’t come  
As far as the venue goes, my initial reaction is there wasn’t a lot of space and since it was new for everyone, it got a little hectic at times.   I like that there was more autograph lines and the queue lines were nice though.  I think once everyone adopts tomorrow the new layout, they will be good to go.  

I got in line around 11:45 and was probably in the first 500.   At 3:00, they did a black carpet walk instead of opening ceremonies.  People were starting to get anxious. 

As I knew I was going solo, I did put some Bids in for guaranteed autographs through white Sox charities.  I didn’t think I’d win but I got one for Dallas Keuchel.   Since I knew I would get him, I got a Tim Anderson wristband and got him on a rookie cards variation. 

Next, I checked in on the Keuchel line and saw I had some tome so I got a bracelet for Steve Cishek and he signed a ball for me. 

I then did a lap to figure out the layout and got Mike Sirotka on a ball.  
Afterwards, I got Dallas Keuchel on a ball.  
More on part 2


Monday, January 13, 2020

Bill Voss TTM Return

Bill Voss played 4 years in Chicago from 1965-1968 before moving to California, Milwaukee, Oakland and St. Louis.  He signed this ball and card sent home in 13 days.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

December Purchases.

Britt Burns-I didn't plan on buying this but I left it on the Amazon checkout by mistake and my wife purchased it.  Nevertheless, I'm happy to get it. 

Bartolo Colon-This was an ebay purchase that seemed like a better deal than doing the private signing.  Came with a COA.
Rovin Ventura-I put a small bid on ebay thinking I would get outbid and ended up getting it for $20 delivered.

Jermaine Dye and Bob Lemon-I was at The Baseball Card Exchange in NW Indiana and had intentions of buying a Tommy John and Jeff Samardzija ball that I saw on their ebay page.  When I looked around, I saw these two balls for the same price I planned on spending for the other two so I purchased these two instead.