Friday, December 12, 2014

White Sox Holiday Sale 12/6

I wasn't able to go this last year but this year, I really wanted to check it out.  My wife had to work so I was planning on making the trek myself.  My parents live close by so I went up the night before to see them and stay at their house.  I decided I wanted to get there at 9:00 so I would leave their house at 8:15.  My mom decided to come with me and my brother, who lives in Chicago, was going to meet us there.

When we arrived, there were probably 40 people in front of us so we got in line.  About 9:45, they started to let people into the stadium (the same entrance as game day workers).  It was cool to see the old lockers that they are renovating as well as where the visitor locker room was.

We were fortunate to be in the first group that was allowed to go in.  I started with a brick from old Comisky and went to the $1, $2 and 4/$1 table and got a couple of things (foam fingers for my kids, a couple of pins from SoxFest, Thome and Fisk promotional items, an 11x14 print of the Buehrle SI cover).

Next, there was a table with an 11x14 of the 59 Sox team for $10.  I didn't see others so I grabbed it (it was in a sleeve, when I got home, I discovered an 8x10 of the 1919 team and an 11x14 Bill Melton caricature also in it).

They were selling 8x10 autographs of former players.  I grabbed about 15 of them (included Humber, DeAza, Peavy, Rios, Davis, Aardsma, Teahen, Fields, Reed, Santiago).  In the same area, there were publications/books.  I decided to get an 08 playoff program, 05 playoff program and a book "Strong Up the Middle" about the 1959 team.

Saw some bobbleheads, some I already had.  Liked the Luzinski and Baines bobbleheads so I picked those up. I looked at some of the game used items but decided to pass.  Before getting in line, I went back to the $1 table and picked up some locker signs.

Got in line to pay.  I was regretting not getting a seat bottom so my brother picked one up for me...thanks!

All in all, a great time and glad I got there when I did.  Will post more pictures tonight.

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