Saturday, January 24, 2015

Soxfest day 1.

The time is here for sox fest!  This is my second year attending but first year with the weekend pass. I do like the new hotel/setup as everything is closer.
After we check in, we get our gift, a jose abreu bobble head. Looks good!

After dropping our stuff in our room, My wife and go get something to eat at buddy guys restaurant, grab a bottle of wine and come back and get ready for the festivities.  

We get in line at 3 and probably moved 5 feet the next 2 hours. After the opening ceremonies are over, we move pretty quickly. I was worrying that my well thought out plan was foiled during the two hour wait but once we got in, I did better that I thought:

First, we went to the Geoff Blum and bobby Jenks line, they signed an 8x10 of World Series game 1 and an 11x14 of the sports illustrated cover. When we are done there, there was already a line forming for iguchi and contreras. My wife offers to wait in line so I could get Harold Baines at the Comcast sports table.  

As I am walking there, I saw a relatively short line for Zach duke and Dan Jennings so I got them on a 16x20 photo of the cell that I got a lot of guys on last year. I walk over to salon a to wait on baines as it is 5:40 now. At the Bulls doc academy, mike huff is signing autographs so I get him on a panoramic of the cell. My wife calls and says they are starting to line up for iguchi so I hurry back to that line. We get in line and get our brackets!  Excited for this!

Since we have our brackets And he won't be signing for another 50 minutes, my wife and I go back to the Comcast table to get baines and Steverson. There is literally, 5 people in line so we get both on my panoramic and baines signed my 2 World Series photos. I get back in line and Harold signs my three topps cards I brought with me. We then go to the garage sale. I pick up a fukudome ball for my sister (a Cubs fan) and My wife gets a $40 grab bag and we are off to the iguchi/contreras line. 

While there, we open the grab bag, a mark buehrle bobble head, a signed john Danks ball, 2 vouchers for a game in April/may, a 2005 World Series program, and an 8x10 team photo of the 2005 team...nice!

Iguchi and contreras were both able to sign my 2 World Series photos...both were very friendly. Contreras tells me he is going to play in Tijuana again this year and I wish him the best. 

As part of the map package, we get a photo with Scott podsednik 
And the World Series trophy. The line is slow but it was a great opportunity. Afterwards, we are both hungry so we are going back to salon a only to realize they only accept cash which neither of us have. Before heading upstairs to drop out stuff off, we see that Ron little is still at the Comcast table. We get him on 2 photos and call it a day. 

Pictures are posted at the bottom. I was very impressed with how well we did and look forward to day 2. 

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