Friday, February 27, 2015

Returns 2/24-2/27

Been busy with work and haven't been updating the blog daily like I have been hoping.  Here are the returns since the last post.

Jim Rivera c/o Home 7 Days
11x14 of SI Cover and 11x14 of 59 Team.  Kept 3 cards I offered for him.

 Dylan Axelrod c/o Reds ST-13 days
12 Knights Card

Frank Montas c/o White Sox ST 13 days
14 Dash Card

 Keenyn Walker 4/4 c/o White Sox ST 13 days
13TPD, 14THM, 14 Barons, 14 Dash

 Ron Hansen 2/2 c/o Home 12 days
64 Topps Team Card, 69 Topps

Art Kusnyer 2/2 c/o Home 14 days
85 Coke, 84 True Value

Fred Klages 2/2 c/o Home 33 days
67, 68T

Monday, February 23, 2015

Returns 2/23

Recieved this Scott snodgrass card that I sent last year to white sox st.

Also recieved this 8x10 signed by gil coan c/o home 14 days. 

Finally, I got these Joel horlen cards returned from a private signing. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

TTM Returns today 2/21

2nd big day in a row of TTM returns.

Ken Berry
c/o Home 14 days
11x14 of SI Cover
8x10 of Comisky Park (13 signatures on it)
67 Topps
65 TC

Dom Zanni
c/o Home w/$10-14 days

Gary Peters
c/o Home-8 days

Tom Drees
c/o home 70 days

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tony Graffanino return

c/o Home 35 days

Glad to get these back as I really liked him when he played on the South Side
7th card from 2003 Series signed
5th card from 2004 series signed

Edwin Jackson Return

c/o Cubs ST 8 days

1st 2011 A & G to get signed.

Jeremy Farrell return

Sent last August c/o Team.
7th-2013 Dash card returned
5th-2014 Barons card returned

Josh Phegley Return

C/O ST 7 Days
38th 2014 Topps Card signed (including Base, Update, Pro Debut, Heritage, Heritage Minors, Archives, Allen & Ginter and Gypsy Queen), 10th from 2013 Charlotte Set

Ron Hassey Return

These 2 cards returned today c/o Home 20 Days

16th card signed from the 87 Topps year, 19th from 88 Topps year

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Will Ohman Return

Surprised to get this as I sent it on 2/12/14.  372 days later, Mr. Ohman signed the card beautifully with a bible verse.  Thanks!

This is the 14th signed Topps card from the 2012 year.
Addison Reed
Brent Lillibridge
John Danks
Matt Thronton
Alejandro DeAza
Will Ohman
Hector Santiago
Jose Quintana
Jordan Danks
Scott Snodgrass (Pro Debut)
Kevan Smith (Pro Debut)
Alexei Ramirez (Heritage)
Kevan Smith (Heritage Minor)
Carlos Sanchez (Heritage Minor)

Bob Locker return

Today, I received a 1969 Topps Card and a 1966 Topps Team card signed by Bob Locker c/o Home-30 days.
 The Team card is signed by Fisher, Schaeffer,Hansen, Voss, Howard, Wills, Long and Weis.

I now have 17 cards signed from the 66 Topps Collection:

Romano (ChiSox Clubbers)
Fisher (ERA Leaders)
Elia, Higgins, Vocc (Rookie Stars)
Team Card

In the 69 series, I now have 13 signed.
May, Secrist, Morales

Dan Osborn return

C/o home. 11 days. This is the 16th card from the 76 topps and topps traded series. Included are: Kaat, May, Stein, Melton, coluccio, wood, Barney, Henderson,osteen , johnson, Richard, team card, Carroll, nettles and brohamer

Joe stanka return

After receiving permission, mr stanka returned 2 11x14 photos of the 59 six photos that I have been working on. I forgot to take a picture before packaging it up for Jim Landis but will have a photo once it returns.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Consignment returns

Today I recieved the following cards from 2 different consignments.

Mike lavalliere 94 topps
Bobby Bonilla 86tt
Royce Clayton 00tt and 01t

In the process of getting letters ready for spring training.