Friday, February 27, 2015

Returns 2/24-2/27

Been busy with work and haven't been updating the blog daily like I have been hoping.  Here are the returns since the last post.

Jim Rivera c/o Home 7 Days
11x14 of SI Cover and 11x14 of 59 Team.  Kept 3 cards I offered for him.

 Dylan Axelrod c/o Reds ST-13 days
12 Knights Card

Frank Montas c/o White Sox ST 13 days
14 Dash Card

 Keenyn Walker 4/4 c/o White Sox ST 13 days
13TPD, 14THM, 14 Barons, 14 Dash

 Ron Hansen 2/2 c/o Home 12 days
64 Topps Team Card, 69 Topps

Art Kusnyer 2/2 c/o Home 14 days
85 Coke, 84 True Value

Fred Klages 2/2 c/o Home 33 days
67, 68T

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