Saturday, August 8, 2015

July returns.

Updating some returns I got this month. 

I took a bunch of pictures from the 10 year reunion game.  I plan on sending them to the players (with a duplicate for them to keep).  Chris Widger was first to return c/o Camden Riversharks (10 days)

 Minor League Returns
Drew Garcia c/o Knights in 6 days
Maikel Cleto c/o Knights  10 days
Yency Almonte c/o Intimidators 7 days
Hunter Jones c/o Intimidators 14 days
Jake Peter c/o Winston-Salem 14 days
Toby Thomas c/o Dash 15 days
Braulio Ortinz c/o Voyagers 36 days
Tyler Williams c/o Kannapolis 111 days
Kyle Hansen c/o Birmingham 14 days 
Alex Powers c/o New Jersey Jackals 42 days

Former Player Returns
Bill Simas c/o Rancho Cucamonga 25 days
Rod Bolton c/o Home 131 days
Matt Merullo c/o Home 31 days
Mark Salas c/o White Sox 11 days
Mark Davis c/o Home 11 days
Bob Molinaro c/o Home 9 Days
Byron Mathews c/o Home 120 days
Danny Darwin c/o HOme 7 days
LaMarr Hoyt c/o Home 33 Days
Dave Duncan c/o Home 21 days
Lee Elia c/o Home 17 days
Bill Dawley c/o Home 27 days
Eddie Fisher c/o Home 42 days
Fred Rath c/o Home 9 days
Frank Baumann c/o Home 7 days

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