Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trade return 10/31

Another trade return came in today.  Had some good returns.

Brian Drahman 91 Bowman
Wayne Edwards 90 Bowman
Scott Fletcher 90 Bowman, 91 Bowman
Craig Grebeck 90 Bowman, 91 Donruss
Greg Hibbard 90 Bowman, 90 Upper Deck
Marc Hill 84 Donruss
Charlie Hough 91 Bowman , 92 Upper Deck
Lance Johnson 91 Bowman

Rudy Law 84 Donruss
Vance Law 84 Donruss

Terry Leach 93 Upper Deck
Steve Lyons 91 Upper Deck
Gary Majewski 00 Topps Traded
Jack McDowell 92 Donruss 
Matt Merullo 90 Upper Deck
Donn Pall 92 Upper Deck
Dan Pasqua 90 Bowman
Ryan Sweeney-05 Topps First Year

Friday, October 30, 2015

Jerry Don Gleaton return.

Received these two photos c/o home in 13 days.  The first picture is one I'm really excited for as it will have players exclusively from the 80's which was when I began collecting and going to White Sox games.

The 2nd photo is of the 85 Team.  Currently signed by Gleaton and Fireovid.

He had 2 of his 12 years in the majors on the South Side.  

2015 Topps Update Career High

Purchased these two from ebay this week. 

Was a big fan of both players when they played on the South Side.  Both look to be promising players on the West Coast.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Walt Williams Ttm return

Earlier in the year, I bought several 8x10 team photos.  I am hoping to chip away at some of them but am in no rush.

After only a 19-day wait, I received these back from Walt "No Neck" Williams.  He played for the White Sox for 6 years and was also a coach in the late 80's. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2015 topps update case break.

Didn't get a whole lot of hits but still glad to get these.

Carlos Rodon US324 Gold #861-2015
Ed Hermann Buyback
Luis Alvarado Buyback
J.B. Shuck x4
Jeff Samardzija x4
Scott Carroll x5
Geovany Soto x4
Zach Duke x4
Tyler Saladino x5
Chris Sale x4
Jose Abreu Rookie Sensations x3
Gordon Beckham x6

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Trade return 10/27

Got these cards in a trade today. Thanks ucffan.  He collects alot of 87 Topps.

Kevin Hickey (RIP) 1983 Topps #278
Ron Karkovice 1990 Topps #717
Ron Karkovice 1990 Score #22
Jason Dellaero 1997 Topps Stars #123
Charlie Hough 1992 Upper Deck #418
Matt Merullo 1990 Upper Deck #67
Steve Lyons 1987 Donruss #409
Ron Kittle 1984 Donruss #244
Paul Konerko 2006 Upper Deck First Pitch #42
Paul Konerko 2006 Upper Deck All UD Team  #UD31
Joel McKeon 1986 Fleer Update #U75
Floyd Bannister 1984 Fleer #52
Bob James 1988 Topps #232
Gordon Beckham 2009 Topps Turkey Red #TR145
Addison Reed 2012 Topps Heritage #233
Brian Simmons 2000 Impact #53
Mike Cameron 1996 Donruss #378

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Trade return.

I put a post on SCN about trading cards for White Sox cards as I try to refocus my collection to one team.  I got my first return of autographs.
1980 Topps Lamar Johnson #242
1981 Topps Greg Pryor #608 
1988 Fleer Ray Searage #409
1998 Topps Jaime Navarro #141
2002 Topps  Mark Johnson #493
2004 Bowman Shingo Takatsu #262
2007 Upper Deck Alex Cintron #86 
2013 Bowman Prospects Carlos Sanchez #BP109
2014 Topps Update Ronald Belisario #US156
2014 Topps Update Leury Garcia #US37

Definitely glad to get these and help another collector with their needs (mostly 87 Topps).  Most of these players are hard/impossible to get TTM.

Most excited for the Shingo card.  I was a big fan of his after hearing his walkout music.  I wish I could find a video of that.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

2015 topps high tek case break results.

I paid a little more than I wanted to but was glad I did as I had a great returns.

Micah Johnson spiral HT-MJ
Chris Sale Pipes HT-CSE
Chris Sale Tidal Diffractor Autograph #64/99 HT-CSE
Jose Abreu Gold Rainbow Augotgraph #35/50 HT-JAU

Monday, October 19, 2015

Don Ferrarese return

C/o home 8 days

Today, The 1960 Don Ferrarese card came back with team card.  He also added a promo flier about his book.

On the field, Mr.Ferrarese enjoyed an 8 year career in the majors with one year on the South Side, pitching 8 games.  I will probably purchase this book as I like reading about that era of baseball.

As for the 1960 Topps series, I now have 8 signed from this series.
#41 Barry Latman
#150 Billy Pierce-Rest in Peace
#276 Ken McBride
#306 Frank Baumann
#313 Turk Lown
#346 J.C. Martin (signed by Martin and Peters)
#407 Gary Peters (signed by Peters and Martin)
#447 Don Ferrarese

Friday, October 16, 2015

Steve Fireovid return

After a 42 day wait, I received this 8x10 in blue sharpie c/o home from Steve Fireovid.

He played in four games with the White Sox in 1985. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Consignment return Garcia/Quintana/Castro

Thanks to vinnie, I was also able to get these White Sox players signed.

I have been a big Avisail Garcia fan ever since he came to Chicago.  I hope to see his power translate into more home runs.  He was also the first player I met at the 2013 SoxFest (my first of hopefully many).

Jose Quintana is an incredible pitcher.  I hope he gets more run support in 2016!

Simon Castro didn't spend much time on the South Side but did get a card in the 2014 series.  Definitely has an efficient autograph!

Trayce Thompson consignment return.

Thanks to vinniemiller from SCN, I was able to get some cards done while the White Sox were in Seattle.

One player who was a big bright spot for the team was Trayce Thompson.

He was a very exciting player to watch and I look forward to seeing his progress the rest of his career.

I did get him on some minor league cards in 2014 as well.

Vance law return

Sent these 8x10 team photos to Vance c/o home and got them back 30 days later.

Vance has a beautiful signature.  He is an asset to the community.

As a player, he spent 3 years on the South Side and also played in Pittsburgh, Montreal, Chicago Cubs and Oakland.


Are you a team collector looking for team cards?  I'm willing to trade my team cards for White Sox cards.  Please message me if interested.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jeff Bittiger return

Thrilled to get these back today as he has an 18% return rate on SCN.

I did see someone get a return on him recently so I took a chance even though I sent to him in March. 

Jeff had a 4 year career in the majors with 2 on the South Side.  This was from my prime of childhood card collecting so I am excited to get cards from this era. 

Have a solid 89 Topps collection of autographed cards (19)
#34 Kenny Williams
#122 Lance Johnson
#133 Bill Long
#142 Mike Diaz
#209 Jeff Bittiger
#308 Ron Karkovice
#334 Steve Lyons
#357 Jerry Reuss 
#384 Mark Salas
#408 Greg Walker
#414 Jim Fregosi
#458 Donn Pall
#486 Jack McDowell
#512 Donnie Hill
#616 Steve Rosenberg
#633 Daryl Boston
#61T Eric King
#62T Ron Kittle
#120T Jeff Torborg

89 Score is not as far along
#338 Dan Pasqua
#351 Bill Long
#384 Dave LaPoint
#512 Jeff Bittiger
#542 Mark Salas

Jonathan Aceves return

 Thanks to elpaso from SCN, I was able to get these two cards signed.

Jonathan played in the White Sox Organization from 1997-2005 and is currently in the Mexican league who has some teams doing exhibition games in Arizona.  He is playing for Saltillo.    

Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015 Topps Heritage High Series

Got the follow 2015 Topps Heritage High Cards.  I really like the design of this years Topps Heritage series.

Hoping to get a couple signed as we go to the White Sox game on Sunday.

AW-5 Jose Abreu
RP-7 Carlos Rodon
558 Carlos Sanchez
594 Gordon Beckham
617 Micah Johnson
617 Micah Johnson Chrome Parallel  

634 Emilio Bonifacio
664 Tyler Flowers
710 Carlos Rodon
710 Carlos Rodon Action Image