Monday, October 19, 2015

Don Ferrarese return

C/o home 8 days

Today, The 1960 Don Ferrarese card came back with team card.  He also added a promo flier about his book.

On the field, Mr.Ferrarese enjoyed an 8 year career in the majors with one year on the South Side, pitching 8 games.  I will probably purchase this book as I like reading about that era of baseball.

As for the 1960 Topps series, I now have 8 signed from this series.
#41 Barry Latman
#150 Billy Pierce-Rest in Peace
#276 Ken McBride
#306 Frank Baumann
#313 Turk Lown
#346 J.C. Martin (signed by Martin and Peters)
#407 Gary Peters (signed by Peters and Martin)
#447 Don Ferrarese

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