Monday, February 8, 2016

White Sox Garage Sale

I went last year and had a good time finding some things so I decided to go again.  We were making the trek up for some Christmas shopping so it fit in to our schedule.  The sale began at 10:00.  I got to the park at 8:40 and there was a decent line but I believe I was in the first 50.  Within 10 minutes, they opened the door and allowed fans to go inside and wait.

I was in front of a big Sox/Hawks fan so I enjoyed having a conversation with him.  He lives in Chicago and has been able to see some cool things.

At 10:00, they started allowing fans in.  I was in by 10:10.  The first table I notice is the t shirt table. I don't have a lot of interest in the shirts so I move on. At the $1 table, I pick up a couple of items.  I continue to other tables, I pick up a Minnie minoso statue, sox welcome mat and a 05 media guide. I pass the signed balls for now and look at the autographed photos and pick up three at two dollars each.

I'm not big on jerseys but take a look but don't buy. As I don't see anything els, I go back to the balls and pick up three balls (Jeff keppinger, Erik Johnson and Jesse Crain). I go back and pick up some mini bats and call it a day. 

I spent about $100 in 15 minutes. Last year,I spent about the same and felt I could have doubled that.  This year, I don't think I could have purchased anything else. Photos to come. 

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