Sunday, December 18, 2016

1976 Islay's/Sweet William Discs

There aren't many oddball/regional cards that I have in the 70's.  Was able to get these in a trade for some 2016 Topps Snowflake cards.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Frank Baumann Team Photo Returns

I love getting these team photos back.  Frank Baumann is a player who I have received a couple of times via mail.  He signed these items back and returned them within 2 weeks.

TTM return after over 1000 days

I was really into TTM as I got back into the hobby in July, 2013.  I went through all of my old White Sox cards and sent them out.  Most I would get back within the month.  Every once in a while, it would be a little longer.  This is my new longest return.

I sent these cards to Ken Patterson in January of 2014.  I wrote them off on SCN in September of 2014.  Got all 4 back on 12/10/17 signed.    These cards are from my peak years of card collecting as a kid.

Friday, December 9, 2016

2016 Topps Hi-Tek Case Breaks

In my mind, the price was too good to pass up and I ended up getting into 3 case breaks of the Topps High Tek.

My takeaway:  Carlos Rodon is in alot of boxes.  In addition to these, there were several doubles.  Almost all of Carlos Rodon.

Always glad to get Frank Thomas cards in new packs.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Vintage Mail Day

I took my November sportlot purchases to store credit and used it to by these cards.  Was basically looking for fillers for some older topps sets and some oddball cards that were not too expensive.  Not a bad deal for $12.00.

I made the mistake of sending some Floyd Robinson cards TTM and never got them back.  Replaced 2 of the cards this month.  This is also my first 1961 Fleer Card and 1963 Post Card.

 The 1968 League Leader card finished the set for me!
Also, got my first 1975 Mini Cards and first Galasso cards.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Trade Return

Traded some cards and got a good return yesterday of cards I didn't have.  Mostly traded 2016 holiday cards.  Was able to finish the 2010 Turkey Red Set with this trade.  Also got my first 2015 Topps Clear card out of this trade.

Scott Carroll TTM return

Always great to get Scott to sign on a card.  I was at his first start (a game my son and I went to together).  He was going against David Price and I thought it was going to be a blowout.  Scott had a tremendous game.  I will always wish him well.

Ron Kittle TTM Return

Always great to get one of my childhood heroes back through the mail.  Ron signed these team photos in black sharpie.  While the team photos he signed are not special teams from a record standpoint, they were my first teams I was aware of as a child.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trade Returns

I have been making a decent amount of trades through the Bench.  These are some recent returns.  Most are #'d cards that were traded for 2014 numbered cards.  

TTM Returns

 I sent this card to Zack Erwin right after the pro debut series was released.  He sent it back last week from his home in Georgia.
Rod Bolton sent these cards back in about 2 weeks.  Great to the autograph community!

Reds Fest results

As I live somewhat close to Cincinnati, I kept looking at the Redsfest lineup to see if there were any former White Sox players that were going to be there.  Turns out there would be two-Clay Carroll and Wayne Granger.  As the price was reasonable, I decided to head over there and get them on some of my multi-signed items.  

Redsfest is alot different than SoxFest.  First, you don't know who will be signing until about 30 minutes before.  Second, the crowds were smaller (probably because of the state of the Reds...I could see SoxFest being similar this year).  Finally, there are more players.

The doors opened at 11:00.  I got there at 9:00 and was about 300th in line.  When the first signings were announced, Clay Carroll was in the first group (with Leo Cardenas).  I head to the line for him and see no one there.  I decide to look around for something to get signed by the Reds players.  When I go to the vending area, George Foster is signing.  He played for the White Sox for a bit in 1986.  He was charging 25/auto.  A bit steep but I went for it on the 16x20 Sox Logo.   

 I head back to the Clay Carroll line and am now 10th in line.  I talk a little about playing in shorts with him as he is signing my 3 items.  He seems like a great guy.

Then, I go to other lines to get a Reds photo signed by some Reds prospects and coaches and a couple of 40-man roster guys.  I hit 3 lines at the noon session and 3 lines at the 1:00.   I'm amazed at how quick I'm able to get through lines.  I was hoping that Wayne Granger would sign at the 2:00 session so I could get back home for a parade in our hometown but he wasn't on the list.  I go through a Billy Hatcher signing at 2:00 and once he signed my cards, the 3:00 session is posted and it is Wayne Granger and Clay Carroll.  I get back in line and am 7th in line.  Granger also signed my 3 items that I brought.    I make it back home in time for the parade.  Definitely a good day.  Hope to go back in the future.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mike Cameron TTM Return

Mike's playing days were probably the time I spent the least amount paying attention to the White Sox as it was the end of my high school and beginning of my college years.  The thing I remember most about him is when he hit 4 home runs against the Sox and his trade equaled Paul Konerko.

He was kind enough to send these two cards back sent in July.

Steve Kealey photo returns

Steve Kealey was a pitcher for the California Angels and Chicago White Sox who enjoyed a 6 year career (4 with the White Sox).

He was kind enough to sign these four team photos.
 73 Team Photo  (signed by Leon, Henderson, Kealey)
1971 Team Photo signed by Williams, Kealey, Egan and Eddy
 Comiskey Park photo
1972 Team photo signed by Egan and Kealey

Steve Kealey photo returns

Steve Kealey was a pitcher for the California Angels and Chicago White Sox who enjoyed a 6 year career (4 with the White Sox).

He was kind enough to sign these four team photos.
 73 Team Photo  (signed by Leon, Henderson, Kealey)
1971 Team Photo signed by Williams, Kealey, Egan and Eddy
 Comiskey Park photo
1972 Team photo signed by Egan and Kealey

Monday, November 21, 2016

2016 Topps Holiday Set

 At the end of the cross country season (I coach), the team got me a visa gift card.  While the majority of what I spent it on went to my family, I did have intentions of buying some cards at Walmart.  I was going to buy an update set but when I saw the Holiday box, I decided to give that a shot.  Mainly because it said there was a guaranteed relic or auto in the box.  I didn't realize that it would be a unique set like this as I thought it would be series 1/2/update packs.

The packs were pretty successful.  Did get a Corey Kluber relic as well as some other big names that are now on ebay (Trout, Bryant, Kershaw...).  From a Sox standpoint, I got 4/5 from the base set (missing Sale).  Hoping to trade my other cards for the metallic snowflake parallel.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Team Photo TTM Return from Marc Hill

Marc Hill is great to the TTM community as he is a quick return and has a high percentage rate.  As a player, Marc was a backup catcher for the White Sox (to HOF Carlton Fisk) in the Early/Mid 80's.

This return came in 10 days c/o Home.

 1985 Team-Signed by Long, Hill, Bannister, Fireovid, Nossek, Gleaton and Paciorek
 1984 Team Photo signed by Hill, Dybzinski, Bannister, Squires, Nossek and Law.
 1983 Team Photo signed by Paciorek, Law, Hill, Bannister, Dybzinski and Kittle.
 1981 Team Photo signed by Schueler, Almon, and Hill
 1982 Team Photo signed by Hill, Almon, Law, Paciorek and Squires
1986 Team Photo signed by Hill, Bannister, Bosman, Nossek,

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2016 Topps Heritage Minor Case break

Although not a huge return in terms of "hits", I do enjoy the minor league sets.  Will send some of these during spring training to get some signed.

TTM from players from the 80's

Always love getting returns from players from my childhood.  Here are some recent results.

 Steve Trout lives about 2 miles from my childhood home.  This return came in about 6 months.
I lost faith in seeing the Salazar cards return and got them via trade.  These look better with the thicker sharpie.  I enjoyed meeting Squires at SoxFest.  He tends to be 1/per via TTM.

Minor League TTM/trade returns

I did fairly well this year with minor league players and still have some trickling in throughout the off-season.  Recently, these came in.

 These 3 cards came from a trade.
 Clayton Richard was sent during ST c/o Cubs
O'Connell and Comito were sent during the season.  McPhail came c/o home in about 7 days.

Tom Bradley TTM return (team photos)

As my collecting has evolved, I have become more interested in signed team photos over cards.  As I have purchased several team photos throughout the years with the hopes of getting them signed by as many players as possible.

This week's return came from Tom Bradley, an early 70's pitcher.  He signed two team photos and a general photo of Comiskey park.

 Comiskey Park (signed by Jeoff Long, Mike Proly, Ken Henderson, Bob Coluccio, Clay Carroll, J.C. Martin, Joe Hicks, Wayne Causey, Dennis Higgins, Wayne Granger, Tom Bradley, Bob Priddy, Al Weis, Bruce Howard)
 Signed by Walt Williams (RIP), Don Eddy and Tom Bradley
Signed by Tom Bradley