Sunday, January 31, 2016

Soxfest day 3-short but efficient.

As we live three hours away from Chicago and we were going to have lunch with my family for my moms birthday, we were going to hit up the 9:00 signing and call it a weekend.

Originally, I wasn't going to get up early but at 5:00, I decided to get up and go down to get a spot with the faint hope that I would be able to get Chris Sale.  As he was only signing 100 today, as I walked down, I knew that wasn't going to happen.  As I waited, I was debating between Melky, Avisail or Paciorek/Squires.  I decided to go with one of the current players and went with Avi.  I asked the lady what number we were and she said mid 40s so I thought there was a good chance to get someone else as well before we had to leave.  

Avi signed our two multi signed items as well as a 2014 topps archives and Allen & Gunter card. 

Afterwards, I saw there was a short line for Erik Johnson and Alex Avila but since I got both of them yesterday, I decided to get Squires who I didn't get yesterday and Paciorek. We flew through that line.  Paciorek signed 4 team photos from 83-86 and handed them straight to squires who signed the three from his years with the six as well as two cards and our multi signed items.  

As the rest of the lines were full, we got ready to leave. 

By final tally, we got 26 players and 79 autographs.  I am now really excited for the season. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Soxfest day 2 part 2

After the 10:30 signing, we got bracelets for Erik Johnson and Tyler saladino.  As we spent $100 dollars at Chicago sports authority, we got two speed passes for another 11:00 signing so we got robin Ventura and Kirk mccaskill on our two multi signed items.  Afterwards, there were still bracelets for Dan Jennings and Nate jones so we got them on some 8x10s

There wasn't much after the 11:00 signings that weren't taken immediately (Abreu, Thomas) so we got a bracelt for Alex Avila and Dioner Navarro at 1:00 who signed our multi signed items and a card for my wife and I.  

Afterwards, we just missed the line for Jacob May, Carson Fulmer and Trey Michalczewski so we waited for a 3:00 for Ron Kittle and Tom Paciorek.  After we got our braclet, We took a break and got some food and looked at the vendors.  My wife got two mystery bags that came with a frank Thomas and arnie Munoz signed cards. 

I saw Steve Dahl talking to some people. As my birthday is the same day as disco demolition day, I had to go meet him.  We chatted for a few minutes about that day.  

Also, while relaxing at the soxsocial lounge, we were able to get Erik Johnson and Harold Baines on cards.  Erik and Nate jones were serving drinks in the lounge. 

All in all a great day.  Won't be doing much tomorrow but anything will be bonus.  

Soxfest day 2-part 1

Day 2 of soxfest could not have gone much better for my goals for the day.  I got in line about 6:00.  My first goal was to get Carl Everett, Jose contreras and Wilkie Harris at 9:00 on my si cover that I have been working on for a while.

I also got them on a panoramic and a couple of cards. 

We got done in enough time to get Steve stone, Ed farmer and Darin Jackson on some multi signed items and dj on a card.  

Will continue in the next post.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Soxfest 2016 day 1

I always look forward to soxfest.  A weekend to geek out on baseball in the middle of the winter is a lot of fun.  

My goals for the weekend were to get the 2005 guys and more guys on my multi signed items.  Definitely looking for quantity this weekend. 

Like last year, my wife came with me to help me out.  Unlike last year, we did not get the mvp pass.  We got in line a little later than last year but we were early enough to do the opening ceremonies.  Once they ended, it got a little scary as there was a bum rush towards the auto lines which caused major backups on the elevators down.  We were petty far back but they opened another entrance to the basement where the signings were taking place.  

I wanted to go to Harold Bainrs and Chet Lemon first and was surprised by how short the lines were.  Chet signed a card and a photo for my wife and I.  Harold signed a card and photo for me and a photo for my wife.  Both seemed real nice and friendly. 

As I got through that line fast, I was able to get in line for Carson fulmer, Tim Anderson and eddy Alvarez.  All signed a card and photo for each of us.  

Afterwards, there was hardly a line to get a photo with Jose contreras so my wife and I got a photo with him. 

Dan Pasqua was at the Bulls sox academy and I got him to sign a photo for me and chatted a bit about the academy.  I didn't know he was going to be there last year so I was glad to get him.  

After getting Pasqua, we got in line for Adam Eaton and Tyler saladino who both signed our photos.  I saw they were doing 1 per so I put my cards away.  

For the 7:00 signing, I was hoping to get Willie Harris and Carl Everett but they were already at capacity so we went to John danks and Nate jones and they signed our photos.  

Since there were no more signings for the day, I got a photo with Dan Jennings, walked by the wls broadcast and saw Tyler saladino finishing an interview and waiting to get him on a card.  

My wife wanted a sweatshirt and after we purchased, they gave us a fast pass for Saturday 11:00 signing.  I'm in line now and am excited to see how today goes.  

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bruce Howard ttm return

I sent these in late September as I saw Mr. Howard is a great TTMer (98% on SCN).  As I didn't get it back for a while, I was getting a bit nervous.  Luckily, they came back yesterday. 

Bill Melton ttm return.

Bill is a great TTM signer with an awesome autograph.  I haven't seen his name at SoxFest yet but I hope he is there.

This c/o home in 25 days.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rick Wrona/Charlie O'Brien private signing

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a private signing for Rick Wrona.  As it was close to SoxFest, I contacted the organizer about turnaround time. He didn't seem to think it would be a problem and even said he could get Charlie O'Brien.  As the price was reasonable and it went towards a fundraiser for the Baseball program in an Oklahoma town, I sent them in.
This first item was actually a Christmas present from December as it already had some great signatures on it.  (Poor picture but top to bottom it has: Lamarr Hoyt, Daryl Boston, Greg Luzinski, Neil Allen, Ruben Sierra, Dennis Cook, Jay Johnstone, Lee Elia, J.C. Martin, Al Weis, Carlos May, Cliff Politte, Warren Brusstar, Bobby Thigpen, Pat Borders, Bill Dawley, Harold Baines and Minnie Minoso).  I look forward to adding more at Sox Fest.

This panoramic was a birthday present several years ago.  I started getting players to sign it at SoxFest 2015 and included: Ron Kittle, Todd Steverson, Jake Petricka, Bill Melton, Courtney Hawkins, Harold Baines, Carlos May, Michael Huff, Steve Stone, Dan Jennings and David Robertson).

The picture from the cell was the item I focused on the most during my first SoxFest (2014).  As last year had a lot of 05 guys, I didn't get it as much last year but hope to get more on it this year.  Signatures from this item are from:  Ron Kittle, Dayan Viciedo, Zach Duke, Bill Melton, Dan Jennings, Harold Baines, Matt Lindstrom, Todd Steverson, Roland Hemmond, Ed Farmer, Josh Phegley, Carlos May, Marcus Semien, Micah Johnson, Minnie Minoso, Darris Jackson, Michael Huff, Courtney Hawkins and David Robertson).

Floyd Bannister TTM return

Floyd Bannister is a TTM great!  I do remember him playing when I was young and was a big fan of his.  A post-college friend of mine apparently was a bigger fan as he remembers trading a Wade Boggs card straight up for one of his cards.  

A while back, I purchased several team photos, he signed all five in black sharpie c/o Home.

1983 Team (Signed by Vance Law and Floyd Bannister) 
1984 Team (Signed by Vance Law and Floyd Bannister)

1986 Team (Signed by Dave Stegman and Floyd Bannister)

1985 Team (signed by Floyd Bannister, Jerry Don Gleaton, Bill Long and Steve Fireovid)

1987 Team (Signed by Bill Long, Floyd Bannister and Dyar Miller)

Johnny Ruffin Ttm return

Through several trades the last couple of weeks, I acquired several cards from the early 90's. These 2 cards came around the beginning of the new year.  When I first looked through SCN, I didn't see him on the Sox roster.  After I searched his wikipedia page, I found out why.  Although never playing on the South Side, he had a 6 year career in the majors.

He was kind enough to these cards c/o home with a 10 day turnaround.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

2013 Topps Tribute eBay purchase.

Put in small bids on 4 Topps Tribute cards and ended up winning these two.  Was a huge Robin Ventura fan when he began playing.  I still root for him to do well as a manager but I believe his seat is real hot.

Albert Belle came to the South Side at a time I was not really into baseball as I was starting college and still competing as an athlete.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wilbur wood return

Came home to a Wilbur Wood return today.

Although his playing days were way before my time (Actually, I was born on Disco Demolition day 7/12/79), I have always been fascinated by knuckleballers.  The documentary on knuckleballers with Charlie Hough, Tim Wakefield and R.A. Dickey is very cool.

Some of his stats are hard to wrap my brain around when comparing to this game (4 consecutive 300 inning season, 5 consecutive seasons with 40 or more starts).

We are getting closer to Soxfest.  Getting very excited and will start pulling stuff that I hope to get signed while up there.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ron Hansen return.

Mr. Hansen was kind enough to return these three 8x10's c/o home in about 10 days.  The top photo is getting pretty full and looking good IMO.

Ron kittle the return

Ron Kittle is one of the reasons I became a big White Sox fan.  Not only is he from the area I grew up, he played for the local team and earned a ROY.  As a kid, I remember seeing him when we were shopping at River Oaks mall (back when it was an outdoor mall) at Spencer's gifts.  

He is great to fans and an awesome follow on Twitter.

Carson Fulmer ttm return

After I took part in a White Sox case break from the 2015 Bowman Draft Pick, I sent 4 cards to Mr. Fulmer.  2 base cards and 2 chrome cards.  (1 of each was put in a penny sleeve with a note saying they are for him).  

I was happy to get this Chrome card back c/o home 10 days later.  I hope to meet him at Sox fest in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gary peters the return

My first White Sox TTM return came from a White Sox great! 

Hoping this is a sign of some great returns this year!