Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Floyd Bannister TTM return

Floyd Bannister is a TTM great!  I do remember him playing when I was young and was a big fan of his.  A post-college friend of mine apparently was a bigger fan as he remembers trading a Wade Boggs card straight up for one of his cards.  

A while back, I purchased several team photos, he signed all five in black sharpie c/o Home.

1983 Team (Signed by Vance Law and Floyd Bannister) 
1984 Team (Signed by Vance Law and Floyd Bannister)

1986 Team (Signed by Dave Stegman and Floyd Bannister)

1985 Team (signed by Floyd Bannister, Jerry Don Gleaton, Bill Long and Steve Fireovid)

1987 Team (Signed by Bill Long, Floyd Bannister and Dyar Miller)

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