Friday, January 29, 2016

Soxfest 2016 day 1

I always look forward to soxfest.  A weekend to geek out on baseball in the middle of the winter is a lot of fun.  

My goals for the weekend were to get the 2005 guys and more guys on my multi signed items.  Definitely looking for quantity this weekend. 

Like last year, my wife came with me to help me out.  Unlike last year, we did not get the mvp pass.  We got in line a little later than last year but we were early enough to do the opening ceremonies.  Once they ended, it got a little scary as there was a bum rush towards the auto lines which caused major backups on the elevators down.  We were petty far back but they opened another entrance to the basement where the signings were taking place.  

I wanted to go to Harold Bainrs and Chet Lemon first and was surprised by how short the lines were.  Chet signed a card and a photo for my wife and I.  Harold signed a card and photo for me and a photo for my wife.  Both seemed real nice and friendly. 

As I got through that line fast, I was able to get in line for Carson fulmer, Tim Anderson and eddy Alvarez.  All signed a card and photo for each of us.  

Afterwards, there was hardly a line to get a photo with Jose contreras so my wife and I got a photo with him. 

Dan Pasqua was at the Bulls sox academy and I got him to sign a photo for me and chatted a bit about the academy.  I didn't know he was going to be there last year so I was glad to get him.  

After getting Pasqua, we got in line for Adam Eaton and Tyler saladino who both signed our photos.  I saw they were doing 1 per so I put my cards away.  

For the 7:00 signing, I was hoping to get Willie Harris and Carl Everett but they were already at capacity so we went to John danks and Nate jones and they signed our photos.  

Since there were no more signings for the day, I got a photo with Dan Jennings, walked by the wls broadcast and saw Tyler saladino finishing an interview and waiting to get him on a card.  

My wife wanted a sweatshirt and after we purchased, they gave us a fast pass for Saturday 11:00 signing.  I'm in line now and am excited to see how today goes.  

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