Saturday, January 30, 2016

Soxfest day 2 part 2

After the 10:30 signing, we got bracelets for Erik Johnson and Tyler saladino.  As we spent $100 dollars at Chicago sports authority, we got two speed passes for another 11:00 signing so we got robin Ventura and Kirk mccaskill on our two multi signed items.  Afterwards, there were still bracelets for Dan Jennings and Nate jones so we got them on some 8x10s

There wasn't much after the 11:00 signings that weren't taken immediately (Abreu, Thomas) so we got a bracelt for Alex Avila and Dioner Navarro at 1:00 who signed our multi signed items and a card for my wife and I.  

Afterwards, we just missed the line for Jacob May, Carson Fulmer and Trey Michalczewski so we waited for a 3:00 for Ron Kittle and Tom Paciorek.  After we got our braclet, We took a break and got some food and looked at the vendors.  My wife got two mystery bags that came with a frank Thomas and arnie Munoz signed cards. 

I saw Steve Dahl talking to some people. As my birthday is the same day as disco demolition day, I had to go meet him.  We chatted for a few minutes about that day.  

Also, while relaxing at the soxsocial lounge, we were able to get Erik Johnson and Harold Baines on cards.  Erik and Nate jones were serving drinks in the lounge. 

All in all a great day.  Won't be doing much tomorrow but anything will be bonus.  

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