Monday, February 8, 2016

Trade return (Thomas, Ventura, Rowand, Ordonez)

Last week, I got probably my biggest TTM return ever in a Clayton Kershaw 2015 Topps Heritage Card.  While I was very pumped to get it, It didn't really fit in my collection of White Sox cards (or my casual collection of 2014 Topps Cards signed).  I did post the card on SCN just to show it off.  I did get another member who offered to buy or trade.  He shared with what he had and thought it was a fair trade for both sides.

I was able to meet Robin at SoxFest but he wasn't signing multiples so I got him on my larger items.  Frank's line was way too long and with Magglio out of the country, I am pretty excited to get these cards back.


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