Friday, April 1, 2016

2016 Topps team set.

While on vacation, we stopped at the Louisville Slugger Museum.  I purchased two sets of the White Sox team set cards.  I always say I am not going to get them but the opportunity to get more 2016 cards is too tough to resist.

First 4...Sale, Robertson, Danks all the same as the regular series.  This is the first Todd Frazier White Sox card I have seen.  I have high hopes for him.

Eaton and Abreu cards are the same from series 1.  I like Petricka alot so I am glad to see him on the series.  I was able to meet Navarro and Avila at SoxFest and they both seem like good guys.  Avila will be a great coach/manager after his playing days are over.

Probably one of the last Adam LaRoche cards produced.  Nate Jones is a super nice guy.  Rodon is going to be a STUD.  Hoping Quintana gets run support this year.  With the signing of Austin Jackson, I am hoping that will help Avisail Garcia be put in positions to succeed.

The last 2, Duke and Cabrera are big components to how the 2016 season will go.

I am excited to see the season begin.  

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