Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mail day

Got some good low number cards in as well as some cheap ebay purchases.

TTM returns

Been a while since I have sent some TTM's.  In the process of sending to some minor league guys that I didn't get on my trip. 

I got Lance Johnson a while back when he was signing pretty regularly and then tried ago to no luck.  This return came from over a year ago.

While on SCN, I saw that several were getting returns from Andruw Jones.  I sent one to take a chance and am thrilled to get this back.

IP graphing at kannapolis and Winston-Salem

This past weekend, I went to North Carolina to visit some family and do some minor league baseball graphing of some White Sox affiliates

Kannapolis, Saturday, June 24th.

We arrived a little before gate and they were kind enough to let me get a team set of cards before the gates opened.  I got them in my notebook and was ready to go.  I noticed the day before that attendance was under 1000 spectators but as it was Star Wars night, it looked to be more (ended up being a sell out). 

Our seats for right next to the home dugout and in the first row so it was perfect for getting some autos.  As it was Star Wars night, they had special jerseys that were pretty cool.  It didn't help identifying players as there weren't numbers on the front.  That did impact me getting players.

Before the game
Brian Drahman 5/5
Zach Thompson 3/3
Seby Zavala 1/1
Tyler Sullivan 1/1

After Game
Micker Adolfo 2/2
Johan Cruz 1/1

This was a beautiful stadium.  Just like yesterday, we were ready to go for the gates to open.  First, I went to the gift shop to see if the team sets were available.  Unfortunately, they were not yet out.  Jacob Morris was on the concourse signing at a table so I got him and then waited by the field to see who I could get.  Without the team set, my success was impacted but pretty happy with who I got.

Brett Austin 2/5
Zach Fish 2/2
Jacob Morris 1/1
Zack Burdi 2/2 Card, ROMLB
Ryan Riga 1/1
Nick Basto 1/1
Hunter Jones 1/1
Jose Bautista 5/5

Charlotte Knights
Unfortunately, it started raining soon after the gates opened.  We waited until 7:00 and decided to call it as we had 10 hours of driving the next day.  Will try them when they are in Indianapolis.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Topps series 2 case break.

I am going to resist temptation to buy any packs at the store and hope to get the rest of the inserts via trade, etc.

Anyways, did pretty well on the case break.  Got these two inserts.

As far as the base cards, no super stars but solid players.  I'm a big fan of Quintana and Rodon who are the two best from the series.

As far as rarer cards, got this Negative of Rodon,

My first Black parallel,

And this clear of Nate Jones #/10

Mail day

Chrispottersports had some pretty good deals on eBay that I took advantage of with some deceased and difficult signers and an 8x10 photo.
Also got the latest Topps now card as well as a 2 dollar Micah Johnson autograph. 
Finally, here are the results of a trade through zistle. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Grant Buckner return

13 months after sending them to the gateway Grizzlies, Mr. Buckner sent these back with a letter apologizing for the delay. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

More Topps Pro Debut

Although I already purchased a team set of cards, I put a bid on a case break and got it for cheaper than I thought.  Here is my haul of hits. 

Matt Albers Topps Now

I love Matt Albers.  He is very fun to watch (more because of the emotion he shows).

This Topps Now commemorates a game that did not look to go the White Sox way but then turns well for the good guys due to Albers' performance at the plate and the mound. 

Matt has been documented on for his antics during his scoreless streak a couple of times.  I wish I had the skills they did to describe his energy but I will let them do it justice.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cory Snyder TTM return

Cory Snyder is a great TTMer.  I was fortunate to receive these two cards back from him in about two months.

Cory is currently coaching in the minors for the Tacoma Raniers (Seattle AAA).

He did an interview on WSI a while back about his struggles on the South Side.

Todd Frazier printing plate

I have sold some non-White Sox cards on ebay and was wanting to buy a 1/1 card or printing plate.  I was able to get this Todd Frazier gypsy queen magenta printing plate at the last minute.

I have been pleased with Todd's performances so far this year.  He has been a perfect addition to an area of need for the White Sox for many years.

Trey Michalczewski pro debut auto

This card came from a .99 ebay purchase.  I am really excited to see Trey progress through the minors as I believe he will be a great replacement for Frazier when his contract is up.  He is also great to the TTM community.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trade return

Traded these for some Cubs cards.  I was a big Rienzo fan and hope he gets back to the majors. 

2016 Topps pro debut

Purchased these via sport lots. Happy to get these.  Heading to Charlotte area in a couple of weeks and hope to see some of these players.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

2015 Topps high tek half case break

I've been part of a couple of case breaks recently.  As the price was right, I put a small bid on this thinking I would get out bid but I was able to win.

The Abreu card is #48/50.  I had different variations of both the Sale and Johnson cards.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Website for my wants/trades

My want list is up to date.
My trade list is ongoing.

Greg luzinski return

Mr. Luzinski is a great TTM signer.  I sent these around opening day and got them a month later.  I'm a big fan of grocery store set cards so I was happy to get the Drake's back.

Mail day

Today I got back my Chris sale Topps now card as well as some Amazon purchases with a gift card I received.

2016 eBay purchases

These two cards came in the mail today.  The museum collection card is my first from that series.  Both are great looking cards.  Although I was never a big samardzija fan, I am big on the other three.