Thursday, June 30, 2016

IP graphing at kannapolis and Winston-Salem

This past weekend, I went to North Carolina to visit some family and do some minor league baseball graphing of some White Sox affiliates

Kannapolis, Saturday, June 24th.

We arrived a little before gate and they were kind enough to let me get a team set of cards before the gates opened.  I got them in my notebook and was ready to go.  I noticed the day before that attendance was under 1000 spectators but as it was Star Wars night, it looked to be more (ended up being a sell out). 

Our seats for right next to the home dugout and in the first row so it was perfect for getting some autos.  As it was Star Wars night, they had special jerseys that were pretty cool.  It didn't help identifying players as there weren't numbers on the front.  That did impact me getting players.

Before the game
Brian Drahman 5/5
Zach Thompson 3/3
Seby Zavala 1/1
Tyler Sullivan 1/1

After Game
Micker Adolfo 2/2
Johan Cruz 1/1

This was a beautiful stadium.  Just like yesterday, we were ready to go for the gates to open.  First, I went to the gift shop to see if the team sets were available.  Unfortunately, they were not yet out.  Jacob Morris was on the concourse signing at a table so I got him and then waited by the field to see who I could get.  Without the team set, my success was impacted but pretty happy with who I got.

Brett Austin 2/5
Zach Fish 2/2
Jacob Morris 1/1
Zack Burdi 2/2 Card, ROMLB
Ryan Riga 1/1
Nick Basto 1/1
Hunter Jones 1/1
Jose Bautista 5/5

Charlotte Knights
Unfortunately, it started raining soon after the gates opened.  We waited until 7:00 and decided to call it as we had 10 hours of driving the next day.  Will try them when they are in Indianapolis.

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