Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jon Rauch TTM return.

I am always curious to see what former players do when their time in baseball is over.  I just read Turk Lown's obituary and he was a postal carrier for 20+ years, Bill Long is a middle school teacher, Joe Crede is with livestock, Bob Coluccio is a real estate agent.  These are good examples to younger student-athletes to keep their focus in the classroom and post-athletic life.

Jon Rauch now has a 4x4 shop in Tucson (  I sent these cards via work and was happy to get them back so quickly (11 days).

Update on signed sets:
2003 Charlotte: 7-Josh Paul, Willie Harris, Ryan Kohlmeier, Nick Capra, Curt Hasler, Jon Rauch, Top Prospects (Signed bu Rauch)
2004 Charlotte-7-Jon Rauch, Kelly Dransfeldt, Nick Capra, Ryan Kohlmeier, Curt Hasler, Jason Grilli, Jonathan Aceves

Friday, July 29, 2016

Mail day

Been working on this 11x14 for 3 years.  Got autograph number 21 on this through a private signing with Freddy Garcia.  As I look through who is missing, it will be difficult to get everyone but will be a fun time working on this.

Also got Omar Narvaez c/o White Sox.  He has been a call up with the Alex Avila injury.  Hasn't got much playing time but has had some good moments.  

Update on sets:
2005 Topps (5): Jose Contreras, Willie Harris, Freddy Garcia, Paul Konerko, Dustin Hermanson,
2005 Topps Update (6): Pedro Lopez, Geoff Blum, Mike Spidale, Max Schnurstein, Jerry Owens, Sean Tracey
2015 Dash (12)-Peter, Goldberg, Alvarez, Narvaez, Dowdy, Clark, Ynoa, Goldberg, Fulmer, Brennan, Engel, Esmay
2016 Knights (8): Esmay, Coats, Volstad, Rottino, Goldberg, Blake Smith, Kevan Smith, Narvaez

Monday, July 25, 2016

TTM Returns 7/25

Got two cards from Chris Stewart in today from his minor league days on the South Side.

Also got a Chris Potter Sports purchase of Tommy Davis.

Team Set Updates: 19-Gary Peters AS, Joe Horlen AS, Ken Berry, Jack Fisher, Mickey Abarbanel/Cisco Carlos, Pete Ward, Bob Locker, Jerry McNertney, Wilbur Wood, Joe Horlen, Buddy Bradford/Bill Voss, Tommy Davis, Walt Williams, Gary Peters, Fred Klages, Wayne Causey, Russ Snyder, Tommy McCraw, Bob Priddy
2003 Winston-Salem 3 (Stumm, Stewart, Perdew)
2006 Charlotte-1 (Stewart)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Charlotte Knights in person 7/24

Was able to go back to the Indians and Knights game today (Sunday).  On Friday, I was more focused on position players.  Today, I was able to get there while the pitchers were still warming up.

The players that I had the most of were Tyler Danish and Richard Dotson so they were my biggest focuses.

Danish was one of my first as he signed 3 cards.  Picked up Blake Smith and Brad Goldberg as well.  Got Kevan Smith before they went in.  He says he is getting healthier.  Was a bummer that he gets called to the show and gets injured before his first game.

Right before the game, had someone help get two more for Danish, Dotson signed three more (signed 3 on Friday) and got Jake Peter.  Most of the others who signed I was able to get on Friday.
Updated signings for each set:
1984 Fleer- 3 (Dotson, Bannister, V.Law)
1986 Fleer 3 (Dawley, Dotson, McKeon)
1987 Donruss 3(Dotson, Bannister, Lyons)
2014 Voyagers-13 (Fish, Jones, Drahman, Thompson, Martinez, Peter, Powers, Jones, Lechich, Clark, Trexler, Ziznewski, Thomas)
2014 Bowman Prospects Ice 2 (Fry, Danish)
2014 Bowman Scout's Breakouts 1 (Danish)
2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects 2 (May, Danish)
2015 Dash- 10(Alvarez, Dowdy, Clark, , Ynoa, Goldberg, Peter, Fulmer, , Brennan, Engle, Esmay)
2015 Bowman Draft Sky Blue-1 (Danish)
2016 Bowman Chrome Prospects-2 (Tatis, Danish)
2016 Bowman Chrome Prospects Orange-1 (Danish)
2016 Knights-7 (Esmay, Coats, Volstad, Rottino, Goldberg, B.Smith, K.Smith)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

TTM returns 7/23.

Three returns today.

Mouton c/o Home in 7 days
Coluccio c/o Home in 7 days.
Tatis Jr. c/o AZL padres in 23 days.

The 8x10 of Comiskey has been signed by 10 players
The 1975 Team photo has been signed by Stein, Henderson, Coluccio and Richard
Updated Signed cards for each set:
1976 SSPC-Allen, Stein, Varney, Richards, Coluccio
1998 Topps: 6-Drabek, Mouton, Navarro, Castillo, Cameron, Karchner
1998 Score: 1-Lyle Mouton
2016 Bowman Prospects-1 Tatis
2016 Bowman Chrome Prospects-1 Tatis
2016 Bowman International Ink-2 Reyes, Tatis
2016 Bowman Family Ties-1 Tatis

Topps parallel cards

From spot lots.
When I got back into collecting in 2013, I wasn't a big fan of the parrallels because I was used to attempting to collect a complete set of Topps.  Now that I have limited my collection to just white sox, these are a great way to add more to my collection.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Charlotte Knights can Indianapolis Indians.

I always look forward to seeing the White Sox affiliate in Indianapolis. Since the Knights game got rained out when I was in Charlotte, I had a good amount of cards I was hoping to get signed.

Richard Dotson was in his prime right as I was getting aware of baseball so I always like to get him at games.  I had 9 cards on the page and he signed the bottom 3.

Jacob May had some family here to see him play and after he talked to them, he signed for everyone.
Coats, Engel signed before warm-ups.  Rottino signed after.  Was able to get Esmay in the dugout before the game.

Hoping to go to another game in this series.  We will see.

Update on signed cards from different sets:
1988 Donruss: 6-Pawlowski, LaPoint, Hill, Long, Williams, Dotson
2012 Charlotte: 6-Veal, Axelrod, Dotson, Skinner, Omogrosso, Phegly
2013 Charlotte: 10-Omogrosso, Phegley, Purcey, Rienzo, B.Anderson, L.Anderson, Berken, Garcia, Heath, Dotson
2014 Bowman Prospects Purple: 2-May, Danish
2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects: 1 May
2014 Topps Pro Debut: 6-Danish, Anderson, Johnson, Molina, Black, May
2015 Winston-Salem: 10-Alvarez, Dowdy, Clark, Ynoa, Goldberg, Peter, Fulmer, Brennan, Engel, Esmay
2015 Charlotte: Coats, 13-S.Johnson, Skinner, Smith, Haviland, D.Garcia, Phillips, Beck, Casey, Cleto, Davidson, Dotson, Saladino
2016 Charlotte: 4-Esmay, Coats,Volstad, Rottino

TTM returns 7/23

Got four returns today.  As far as I can tell, I am the first to get a return from Franklin Reyes.

Team Set Updates
1992 Classic-1 signed (Hernandez)
1992 Donruss-4 signed (Hernandez, Huff, Merullo, McDowell)
1992 Fleer- 4 signed (Hernandez, Merullo, Drahman, Alvarez)
1993 Fleer Ultra-1 (Hernandez)
2000 Barons-3 signed (Vining, Fogg, Hasler)
2003 Knights-5 Signed (Paul, Harris, Kohlmeier, Capra, Hasler)
2004 Knights-6 signed (Dransfeldt, Capra, Kohlmeier, Hasler, Grilli, Aveves)
2006 Bristol-1 signed (Hasler)
2006 Intimidators-1 signed (Texiera)
2016 Bowman International Ink-1 signed (Reyes)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

TTM returns

I was out of town for four days and came back to these 4 returns.

Josh Fogg 1/1 15 days.  This is my 2nd card from this set signed (Ken Vining)
Jack Charlston 1/1 19 days.  This is my 9th card from this set signed (Micker Adolfo, Zach Thompson, Brian Drahman, Ryan Riga, Zach Fish, Johan Cruz, Tyler Sullivan, Seby Zavala)
Adam LaRoche 1/1 (40 days). This is my 2nd card from this set signed.
Matt Merullo 4/4 (11 days).

1954 Bowman

A purchased these four cards on eBay. These are the first cards from this series that I have owned. I like the simple design.  

Saturday, July 16, 2016

2010 Topps Attax

As part of a trade, these 4 cards came in.  2010 was a year of my non-collecting days and this was probably a reason I stopped collecting as there were too many to get.  Nonetheless, I have a big chunk of the set complete now and look forward to making some more trades to finish the set.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Mark salas TTM return

Chief is the bullpen catcher for the White Sox.  He is great with the fans as he has signed for my kids at the stadium in the past.  This is the 3rd time I have got him through the mail c/o the White Sox.  The Coke card looks great as I have a couple of those signed already.

Sent to the Stadium on 4/11 and got it back on 7/14.  

Monday, July 11, 2016

Goose Gossage TTM return

Goose is an all-time great.  Although known more for his time in New York, he had some great years on the South Side.  I have sent to him before (with a donation) but didn't this time.  It took about three weeks for the return.

This is card #3 that I have signed from him (one TTM, one eBay purchase and this one).