Friday, July 22, 2016

TTM returns 7/23

Got four returns today.  As far as I can tell, I am the first to get a return from Franklin Reyes.

Team Set Updates
1992 Classic-1 signed (Hernandez)
1992 Donruss-4 signed (Hernandez, Huff, Merullo, McDowell)
1992 Fleer- 4 signed (Hernandez, Merullo, Drahman, Alvarez)
1993 Fleer Ultra-1 (Hernandez)
2000 Barons-3 signed (Vining, Fogg, Hasler)
2003 Knights-5 Signed (Paul, Harris, Kohlmeier, Capra, Hasler)
2004 Knights-6 signed (Dransfeldt, Capra, Kohlmeier, Hasler, Grilli, Aveves)
2006 Bristol-1 signed (Hasler)
2006 Intimidators-1 signed (Texiera)
2016 Bowman International Ink-1 signed (Reyes)

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