Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jon Rauch TTM return.

I am always curious to see what former players do when their time in baseball is over.  I just read Turk Lown's obituary and he was a postal carrier for 20+ years, Bill Long is a middle school teacher, Joe Crede is with livestock, Bob Coluccio is a real estate agent.  These are good examples to younger student-athletes to keep their focus in the classroom and post-athletic life.

Jon Rauch now has a 4x4 shop in Tucson (  I sent these cards via work and was happy to get them back so quickly (11 days).

Update on signed sets:
2003 Charlotte: 7-Josh Paul, Willie Harris, Ryan Kohlmeier, Nick Capra, Curt Hasler, Jon Rauch, Top Prospects (Signed bu Rauch)
2004 Charlotte-7-Jon Rauch, Kelly Dransfeldt, Nick Capra, Ryan Kohlmeier, Curt Hasler, Jason Grilli, Jonathan Aceves

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