Saturday, July 23, 2016

TTM returns 7/23.

Three returns today.

Mouton c/o Home in 7 days
Coluccio c/o Home in 7 days.
Tatis Jr. c/o AZL padres in 23 days.

The 8x10 of Comiskey has been signed by 10 players
The 1975 Team photo has been signed by Stein, Henderson, Coluccio and Richard
Updated Signed cards for each set:
1976 SSPC-Allen, Stein, Varney, Richards, Coluccio
1998 Topps: 6-Drabek, Mouton, Navarro, Castillo, Cameron, Karchner
1998 Score: 1-Lyle Mouton
2016 Bowman Prospects-1 Tatis
2016 Bowman Chrome Prospects-1 Tatis
2016 Bowman International Ink-2 Reyes, Tatis
2016 Bowman Family Ties-1 Tatis

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