Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Printing plate, topps now, chrome auto

These Topps now cards are going to make me broke :)

I was hoping for a bigger bubble in the photo but it is still pretty cool.

Also in the mail today were two ebay purchases.  The Tim Anderson Topps Chrome card and a Courtney Hawkins Printing plate.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

TTM's from 8/23

Got two returns yesterday.

Joe Nossek was kind enough to sign these 8x10's of the 84-86 teams.  This was his first stint as a coach with the White Sox.

 The 1985 Team Photo is signed by Floyd Bannister, Bill Long, Steve Fireovid, Tom Paciorek, Joe Nossek and Jerry Don Gleaton.
 The 1986 Team Photo is signed by Joe Nossek, Dick Bosman and Floyd Bannister
The 1984 Team Photo is signed by Tom Paciorek, Vance Law, Floyd Bannister, Jerry Dybzinski, Mike Squires and Joe Nossek.

Glen DiSarcina also signed his 1994 Classic Gold card.

Both came via home in about 20 days.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Huge TTM nail day.

Came home today to 10 envelopes!

All of the minor league returns were from late July/Early August as I went on a huge TTM binge before school started.

The Ken Henderson returns came back via home in 8 days.

Update for team sets:
2014 Voyagers: 15- Fish, Jones, Drahman, Thompson, Martinez, Peter, Powers, Lechich, Clark, Texler, Ziznewski, Thomas, Poe, Haupt, Walsh
2015 Kannapolis: 16-Jose Bautista, Basto, Ziznewski, Valerio, Trexler, Danner, Martinez, Thomas, Curley, Almonte, Lechich, Jones, Alvarez, Austin, Morris, Lowry
2015 Winston-Salem: 16-Goldberg, Alvarez, Poe, Narvaez, Dowdy, Clark, Peter, Ynoa, Goldberg, Fulmer. Rondon, Thomas, Leyer, Brennan, Engel, Esmay
2016 Kannapolis: 14-Charleston,  Hinchley, Mendick, , Katz, Adolfo, Thompson, Drahman, Riga, Fish, Cruz, Sullivan, Zavala, Martinez, Banks
2016 Winston-Salem: 8-Lowry, Montilla, Valerio, Davis, Walsh, Leyer, Thomas, Rondon

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nick leyva TTM return

My minor league TTM kick in late July has brought in this card from the 2005 Knights set.  This is only my 3rd card from this set (Joining Ben Davis and Jeff Bajenaru).  I originally got a RTS as his forwarding mail expired but sent to the new address and it was a quick turnaround.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tyler saladino TTM return

I'm a pretty big tyler saladino fan.  Glad he is staying in the majors and contributing on the south side.  

My 16 topps main set collection now has Adam LaRoche and saladino.  

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

More minor league TTM returns.

2 Returns today.

Terance Marin was a pitcher who started the last game I went to (Indians/Knights).  I don't believe he was supposed to but when Scott Carroll got traded, he got called into action.

Alex Powers came after 35 days c/o Dayton Beach.
Set Updates:
2014 Kannapolis-16-Jose Brito, T.J. Williams, Andre Wheeler, jake Sanchez, Thad Lowry, Danny Hayes, Robinson Leyer, Trey Michalczewski, Andrew Mitchell, Omar Narvaez, Cleuluis Rondon, Tyler Danish, James Dykstra, Adam Engel, Jose Bautista, Alex Powers
2016 Knights-9 Terance Marin, Tim Esmay, Jason Coats, Chris Volstad, Vinny Rottino, Brad Goldberg, Blake Smith, Kevan Smith, Omar Narvaez

Monday, August 8, 2016

Mail day. New topps now card and 4 ttms

Got 4 returns today.

First one was from Ron Schueler as he signed 4 team photos from his playing/coaching days.  I sent this in February so I was getting worried about the return of these.

Dillon Haupt is a former minor league player in the white sox organization.  He now plays for the Normal Cornbelters.  He sent these back in about 25 days.

A while back, I got several Classic Black Gold cards from the minor league affiliate.  Kevin Coughlin is the first to return one back (8 day turnaround)

Ryan Hinchley was returned after 14 days c/o Great Falls.

I missed the Melky/Eaton Topps Now card.  This was an ebay purchase.

Team Set Updates
93 Classic Black Gold-1 Coughlin
13 Great Falls-14-Tyler Williams, Joey Wagman (Back), Zachary Voight, Arby Fields, Tyler Shryock, Brad Goldberg, Dillon Haupt, Andrew Mitchell, Jacob Morris, Jacob May, , Brad Salgado, Jose Brito, James Dykstra, Jacob Sanchez
14 Great Falls-14-Zach Fish, Hunter Jones, Brian Drahman, Zach Thompson, Luis Martinez, Jake Peter, Alex Powers, Louie Lechich, Brian Clark, David Trexler, John Ziznewski, Toby Thomas, Charles Poe, Dillon Haupt
16 Kannapolis, 12-Ryan Hinchley, Danny Mendick, Alex Katz, Micker Adolfo, Zach Thompson, Brian Drahman, Ryan Riga, Zach Fish, Johan Cruz, Tyler Sullivan, Seby Zavala, Jack Charleston

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mail day TTM and trade.

I spent most of July sending to minor league players/coaches and am starting to see them trickle in.  Today, came a return from Hitting Coach Charlie Poe.

Also, got a good return on a trade of Cubs cards for some Sox cards (included is a Black Topps card and Gold Topps Card) and a Tyler Saladino Topps Now Card.

Autograph Set Update:
2011 Kannapolis: 9-Poe, Bautista, , Marin, Petricka, Arroyo, Silverio, Tommy Thompson, Trayce Thompson, Oester.
2014 Great Falls-15-Fish, Jones, Drahman, Thompson, Martinez, Peter, Powers, Jones, Lechich, Santiago, Clark, Trexler, Ziznewski, Thomas, Poe
2015 Winston-Salem-13-Peter, Goldberg, Alvarez, Narvaez, Dowdy, Clark, Ynoa, Goldberg, Fulmer, , Brennan, Engel, Esmay, Poe

eBay purchase return

Had some money on PayPal from recent sales and purchases these cards.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Luis Aparicio private signing.

Got two cards signed by this hall of fame short stop.
These are two sets I am doing very well on.  Unfortunately, most of the missing players are deceased.

1968 Topps-20-Peters AS, Horlen AS, Berry, Fisher, Abrabanel/Carlos, Ward, Locker, McNertney, Wood, Horlen, Voss/Bradford, Davis, Aparicio, Williams, Peters, Klages, Causey, Snyder, McCraw, Priddy

1969 Topps-16-Carlos, Nyman, Pavletich, Berry, Priddy, McCraw, Hermann/Lazar, Horlen, Nixon, Hansen, Locker, May/Secrist/Morales, Peters, Aparicio, Melton, Bradford

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mail day

I posted a bit ago on SCN and some other sites that I was looking at trading some of my non-white sox cards for signed White Sox cards.

I was able to get these four cards for four cards from 2013 Topps.  This is my first Fisk card.

Also got two TTM returns from Kannapolis Intimidators Players,  Up to 11 players from this set.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mail day.

Updates on signed sets:
1975 SSPC-Stein, Allen, Gogolewski, Richard,Coluccio,Varney
1992 Score
1992 Upper Deck-Warren Newson, Donn Pall, Charlie Hough
2005 Knights: 2 Davis, Bajenaru