Friday, August 5, 2016

Luis Aparicio private signing.

Got two cards signed by this hall of fame short stop.
These are two sets I am doing very well on.  Unfortunately, most of the missing players are deceased.

1968 Topps-20-Peters AS, Horlen AS, Berry, Fisher, Abrabanel/Carlos, Ward, Locker, McNertney, Wood, Horlen, Voss/Bradford, Davis, Aparicio, Williams, Peters, Klages, Causey, Snyder, McCraw, Priddy

1969 Topps-16-Carlos, Nyman, Pavletich, Berry, Priddy, McCraw, Hermann/Lazar, Horlen, Nixon, Hansen, Locker, May/Secrist/Morales, Peters, Aparicio, Melton, Bradford

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