Friday, September 30, 2016

2016 Topps heritage high number case break

I am a big fan of the heritage series.  The nostalgia or the old cards with the new players is always cool.  After 2014, when the high series became more readily available, I was a big fan.  Although I don't like the fake signatures on the card, this is a great design.  I won a case break of this series relatively cheap (less than 15).  Here were the results:

I was surprised by some of the players that were chosen from the Sox to be put in the series.  I get Anderson and Quintana (surprised he wasn't in the main set).  Ynoa was interesting but understandable as he has been with the team for a while.  Jackson and Purke were surprises to see in the series as I thought Nate Jones, Tyler Saladino would be in ahead of them.  

The Chicago Clubbers card is cool as I don't normally associate those two players together.  I do like the buyback cards and this is the second Abreu patch card that I got from Heritage.  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ttm returns.

2 returns from rather a while ago. 

The nick Capra card came from mid July while the Jim Morrison card came from August of 2014. 

Carlton Fisk cards from eBay purchase.

Both cards were new for me and were under 30 cents for them.  Good deal! 

I loved listening to carlton's interview on the cycle a couple of weeks ago. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Week in review

Updating new cards through trade/purchase/ttm from the week.

I did make a sportlot purchase that netted some parallel/refractor/variations from the last couple of years.  I didn't even know there was a day glow variation for the 2013 Topps Archives.

Paul Konerko 12 Topps Update Target Red, 12 Topps Gold Sparkle, 15 Topps Chrome Refractor, 15 Topps Chrome Sepia Refractor, 13 Topps Archive Day Glow
Alexei Ramirez 09 Topps Unique, 13 Topps A & G mini back, 11 Topps Heritage Black
Micah Johnson 15 Topps Chrome Refractor, 15 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor, 15 Topps Chrome Sepia Refractor
Adam Eaton 15 Topps Chrome Refractor, 15 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor
Chris Sale 15 Topps Chrome Refractor
Adam Dunn 13 Topps Archive Day Glow
Alex Rios 13 Topps Archives Day Glow

Got 3 TTM returns this week. First is from fellow Hoosier,  Josh Phegley.  He returned an 8x10 and a 14 Topps Red Hot foil.  Sent this from Spring training.

Andre Wheeler returned cards unsigned.  Michael Ynoa sent his back signed c/o White Sox (sent in July).

Alex Avila returned his card signed and personalized.  This was sent in mid-April.  
Took part in a 2016 Bowman Chrome Case break.  Got these two autos as well as several base cards.
Finally, made a trade through Zistle to get these cards added to my collection.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Consignment return

Saw a poster on SCN have a fairly cheap consignment for the Knights that I took advantage of.  Got these 21 cards for $40 so I was pretty happy as it wasn't much more than the TTM option would have been.

These are the first 16 Barons cards I have signed.  I like how they look.
Team Set Totals
2007 Knights-2-Childers, Bourgeois
2008 Intimidators-3-Tomberlin, Santiago, Jones
2008 Intimidators (2nd half)-5-Escobar, Capra, Jones, Tomberlin, Morel
2008 Knights-5-Bourgeois, Phillips, S.Johnson, Childers, Whisler
2012 Intimidators-14-Marin, Medina, Olacio, Walker, Smith, Jaye, Vance, Van Skike, Blough,Casey, Ward, Walters, S.Johnson, Vinas
2013 Intimidators-20-Bautista, Tomberlin, Hawkins, Isler, Jaye, E.Leyer, Lopez, Thompson, Kiser, Heisler, Ortiz, May, Olacio, Richmond, Recchia, Anderson, Dowdy, Basto, Coats, DeMichele
2013 Barons-21-Vinas, S.Johnson, Saladino, Walker, Earley, Black, Wilkins, Kussmaul, Petricka, Molina, McCully, Puckett, Sanchez, Arroyo, Ward, Wagner, Vance, Tr.Thompson, Ta.Thompson, Snodgress, Sanchez
2014 Barons-13-Vinas, S.Johnson, Farrell, Curley, Earley, Smith, Vance, Beck, Walker, Winiarski, Jaye, Pedroza, Molina
2014 Knights-13-Saladino, Axelrod, Phegley, , Newman, Veal, Hernandez, Skinner, De Los Santos, Wilkins, Boggs, Thompson, Davidson, Tomberlin
2015 Barons-7-Hayes, Jaye, Sanburn, Hawkins, Vinas, Wendelken, Dismuke
2015 Knights-16-Tomberlin, Newman, S.Johnson, Saladino, L.Garcia, K.Smith, Skinner, Haviland, D.Garcia, Phillips, Beck, Casey, Coats, Cleto, Davidson, Dotson
2016 Barons-5-Goldberg, Engel, Delmonico, Holmberg, Lollis
2016 Knights-13-Marin, Esmay, Coats, Volstad, Rottino, Goldberg, B.Smith, K.Smith, Narvaez, Lamb, Tomberlin, Vinas, Garcia

Friday, September 2, 2016

TTM from the week.

In the heavy part of the school year.  These were all TTM returns that I got this week.

Brandon Allen c/o Louisville 3/3.  I actually forgot he was still playing untilwe went to a bats game this summer.  

Johnathan Frebis 1/1 c/o Kannapolis.  He started the Star Wars Night game that I went to and had a great performance.

Donn Pall 4/4 c/o Home.  The Pope came through with these great four cards.

Lucas Harrell 2/2 c/o Braves.  Was nervous about these cards as he got traded a week after I sent them.
Set Updates:
2006 Kannapolis-2 Allen, Valenzuela, Jr.
2007- Kannapolis-2 Allen, Texeira
2016 Kannapolis 15-Charleston, Hinchley,Mendick, Katz, Adolfo,Thompson, Drahman, Riga, Fish, Cruz, Sullivan, Zavala, Martinez, Bamls.Frebis

2016 topps chrome

Took part in a case break for the 2016 topps chrome. 

Good news: got a base set out of it. 
Bad news: didn't get anything else.