Friday, September 30, 2016

2016 Topps heritage high number case break

I am a big fan of the heritage series.  The nostalgia or the old cards with the new players is always cool.  After 2014, when the high series became more readily available, I was a big fan.  Although I don't like the fake signatures on the card, this is a great design.  I won a case break of this series relatively cheap (less than 15).  Here were the results:

I was surprised by some of the players that were chosen from the Sox to be put in the series.  I get Anderson and Quintana (surprised he wasn't in the main set).  Ynoa was interesting but understandable as he has been with the team for a while.  Jackson and Purke were surprises to see in the series as I thought Nate Jones, Tyler Saladino would be in ahead of them.  

The Chicago Clubbers card is cool as I don't normally associate those two players together.  I do like the buyback cards and this is the second Abreu patch card that I got from Heritage.  

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