Sunday, September 4, 2016

Consignment return

Saw a poster on SCN have a fairly cheap consignment for the Knights that I took advantage of.  Got these 21 cards for $40 so I was pretty happy as it wasn't much more than the TTM option would have been.

These are the first 16 Barons cards I have signed.  I like how they look.
Team Set Totals
2007 Knights-2-Childers, Bourgeois
2008 Intimidators-3-Tomberlin, Santiago, Jones
2008 Intimidators (2nd half)-5-Escobar, Capra, Jones, Tomberlin, Morel
2008 Knights-5-Bourgeois, Phillips, S.Johnson, Childers, Whisler
2012 Intimidators-14-Marin, Medina, Olacio, Walker, Smith, Jaye, Vance, Van Skike, Blough,Casey, Ward, Walters, S.Johnson, Vinas
2013 Intimidators-20-Bautista, Tomberlin, Hawkins, Isler, Jaye, E.Leyer, Lopez, Thompson, Kiser, Heisler, Ortiz, May, Olacio, Richmond, Recchia, Anderson, Dowdy, Basto, Coats, DeMichele
2013 Barons-21-Vinas, S.Johnson, Saladino, Walker, Earley, Black, Wilkins, Kussmaul, Petricka, Molina, McCully, Puckett, Sanchez, Arroyo, Ward, Wagner, Vance, Tr.Thompson, Ta.Thompson, Snodgress, Sanchez
2014 Barons-13-Vinas, S.Johnson, Farrell, Curley, Earley, Smith, Vance, Beck, Walker, Winiarski, Jaye, Pedroza, Molina
2014 Knights-13-Saladino, Axelrod, Phegley, , Newman, Veal, Hernandez, Skinner, De Los Santos, Wilkins, Boggs, Thompson, Davidson, Tomberlin
2015 Barons-7-Hayes, Jaye, Sanburn, Hawkins, Vinas, Wendelken, Dismuke
2015 Knights-16-Tomberlin, Newman, S.Johnson, Saladino, L.Garcia, K.Smith, Skinner, Haviland, D.Garcia, Phillips, Beck, Casey, Coats, Cleto, Davidson, Dotson
2016 Barons-5-Goldberg, Engel, Delmonico, Holmberg, Lollis
2016 Knights-13-Marin, Esmay, Coats, Volstad, Rottino, Goldberg, B.Smith, K.Smith, Narvaez, Lamb, Tomberlin, Vinas, Garcia

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