Friday, September 2, 2016

TTM from the week.

In the heavy part of the school year.  These were all TTM returns that I got this week.

Brandon Allen c/o Louisville 3/3.  I actually forgot he was still playing untilwe went to a bats game this summer.  

Johnathan Frebis 1/1 c/o Kannapolis.  He started the Star Wars Night game that I went to and had a great performance.

Donn Pall 4/4 c/o Home.  The Pope came through with these great four cards.

Lucas Harrell 2/2 c/o Braves.  Was nervous about these cards as he got traded a week after I sent them.
Set Updates:
2006 Kannapolis-2 Allen, Valenzuela, Jr.
2007- Kannapolis-2 Allen, Texeira
2016 Kannapolis 15-Charleston, Hinchley,Mendick, Katz, Adolfo,Thompson, Drahman, Riga, Fish, Cruz, Sullivan, Zavala, Martinez, Bamls.Frebis

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