Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Team Photo TTM Return from Marc Hill

Marc Hill is great to the TTM community as he is a quick return and has a high percentage rate.  As a player, Marc was a backup catcher for the White Sox (to HOF Carlton Fisk) in the Early/Mid 80's.

This return came in 10 days c/o Home.

 1985 Team-Signed by Long, Hill, Bannister, Fireovid, Nossek, Gleaton and Paciorek
 1984 Team Photo signed by Hill, Dybzinski, Bannister, Squires, Nossek and Law.
 1983 Team Photo signed by Paciorek, Law, Hill, Bannister, Dybzinski and Kittle.
 1981 Team Photo signed by Schueler, Almon, and Hill
 1982 Team Photo signed by Hill, Almon, Law, Paciorek and Squires
1986 Team Photo signed by Hill, Bannister, Bosman, Nossek,

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