Sunday, December 4, 2016

Reds Fest results

As I live somewhat close to Cincinnati, I kept looking at the Redsfest lineup to see if there were any former White Sox players that were going to be there.  Turns out there would be two-Clay Carroll and Wayne Granger.  As the price was reasonable, I decided to head over there and get them on some of my multi-signed items.  

Redsfest is alot different than SoxFest.  First, you don't know who will be signing until about 30 minutes before.  Second, the crowds were smaller (probably because of the state of the Reds...I could see SoxFest being similar this year).  Finally, there are more players.

The doors opened at 11:00.  I got there at 9:00 and was about 300th in line.  When the first signings were announced, Clay Carroll was in the first group (with Leo Cardenas).  I head to the line for him and see no one there.  I decide to look around for something to get signed by the Reds players.  When I go to the vending area, George Foster is signing.  He played for the White Sox for a bit in 1986.  He was charging 25/auto.  A bit steep but I went for it on the 16x20 Sox Logo.   

 I head back to the Clay Carroll line and am now 10th in line.  I talk a little about playing in shorts with him as he is signing my 3 items.  He seems like a great guy.

Then, I go to other lines to get a Reds photo signed by some Reds prospects and coaches and a couple of 40-man roster guys.  I hit 3 lines at the noon session and 3 lines at the 1:00.   I'm amazed at how quick I'm able to get through lines.  I was hoping that Wayne Granger would sign at the 2:00 session so I could get back home for a parade in our hometown but he wasn't on the list.  I go through a Billy Hatcher signing at 2:00 and once he signed my cards, the 3:00 session is posted and it is Wayne Granger and Clay Carroll.  I get back in line and am 7th in line.  Granger also signed my 3 items that I brought.    I make it back home in time for the parade.  Definitely a good day.  Hope to go back in the future.

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