Monday, September 18, 2017

Carlos Rodon Redemption

These are my first redemption cards ever.  I got them pretty cheap (less than $10/each).  I waited a while and they finally came in.  These 3 cards put my total for Carlos Rodon to 80 different cards.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Kannapolis at Lexington IP (7/29-7/30)

This weekend, I took a road trip to Lexington (about 3 hours away) to do some IP graphing of the Kannapolis Intimidators.

On my way down, I stopped at commons4kids to drop off some cards.

It was very easy to get players to come over.  Those I didn't get were mainly because they had sweatshirts on and I couldn't see there numbers.

Here was the results from the two days
Micker Adolfo 2/2 cic, 17 Kannapolis
Burger, Jake 2/2 cic, ROMLB
Call, Alex 2/2, 2/2 16 Bowman Draft Green, 16 Bowman Draft Blue, 16 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor, 17 Kannapolis
Cease, Dylan-Signed a couple before his start and then stopped.  He was charting the second day.  He signed for a couple before a coach told us to see them after the game.  A fellow SCN member gave me one of his 2017 Bowman Prospect cards
Elliott, Jake 1/1 cic
Escorcia, Kelvin 2/2 cic, 17 Kannapolis
Hobbs, Lane 2/2 cic, 17 Kannapolis
Gonzalez, Luis 1/1 cic
Massey, Grant 3/3 cic, 17 Kannapolis, 15 Great Falls
Martinez, Luis 1/1 cic
Olson, J.B. 1/1 cic
Remillard, Zach 2/2 cic, 17 Kannapolis
Roman, Mitch 1/2-17 Kannapolis, doesn't sign CICs
Rutherford, Blake 1/1 cic
Schnurbusch, Aaron 1/1 cic
Schroeder, Casey 2/2 cic, 15 Great Falls
Sheets, Gavin 1/1 cic
Skoug, Evan 1/1 cic
Solorzano, Yosmer 1/1 cic, 17 Kannapolis
VanVossen, Mick 1/1 cic
Zaleski, Matt 2/2 cic, 17 Kannapolis

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Picnic in the park

Picnic in the park
The last couple of years, I have wanted to go but it never worked in our schedule.  I decided this year, I would go by myself as I knew it would be a long day.  I did enjoy watching the game without having to go to the concession stand every other inning.

Anyways, after the game, we all lined up at gate one and was put into a holding bin at the picnic area.  We then lined up by number (I was 170...probably out of 300).   All of the players are in tables of 3 or 4 and you have about an hour to get as many as you can.  

I planned with the following priorities
  1. My sox logo 16x20
  2. 2017 topps now road to opening day 
  3. 2017 topps team set
  4. Any other cards I had of player
  5. Custom index cards
  6. Team cards of 2017 topps and topps heritage
Although it was 2 autographs per person, I had 3 ready for most people. 

My first plan was to go to Jose Abreu's line but that was very slow moving so I decide to hit some other tables that have a smaller or no line.  I got through 9 of  he 10 lines (missed Abreu's line by one person).  The only people I didn't get were Abreu, Willy Garcia, Gregory Infante, Curt Hasler, Chris Beck (injured during game), Don Cooper (did not show)

Here were the results
Kevan Smith-16x20, 12 topps heritage minor black, cic
Nate Jones-17 topps heritage, 17 topps rainbow foil and 17 topps gold
David Robertson-17 topps now road to opening day, 16x20
Derek Holland-16x20, 17 topps team set
Tommy Kahnle-16x20, 17 topps heritage team card
Dan Jennings-cic, 17 topps heritage team card
Nick Capra-16x20, 17 topps heritage team card
Yolmer Sanchez-16x20, 17 topps now, 17 topps team set
Michael Ynoa-16x20, cic
Allen Hanson-16x20, cic
Leury Garcia-16x20, 14 topps update gold
Jose Quintana-16x20, 17 topps now road to opening day 
Mark salas-16x20, 89 upper deck
Omar Narvaez-16x20, cic
Avisail Garcia-17 topps now road to opening day, 17 topps team set, 15 topps snow camo
Daryl Boston-16x20, 85 donruss
Mike Pelfrey-16x20, cic
Miguel Gonzalez-17 topps team set
Melky Cabrera-16x20, 17 topps now road to opening day, 17 topps team set
Joe McEwing-16x20, cic
Carlos Rodon-16x20, 17 topps now road to opening day 
Anthony Swarzak-16x20, cic
Todd Frazier-16x20, 17 topps now road to opening day 
Greg Sparks-16x20, cic
Todd Steverson-17 topps black, cic
Tyler Saladino-17 topps now road to opening day, 17 topps black, 17 topps gold
Matt Davidson-16x20, 14 bowman orange, 14 bowman platinum blue, 14 panini classics
Jake Petricka-16 topps 65th anniversary, 16 topps limited edition 
James Shields-16x20, 17 topps now road to opening day, 17 topps team set, 17 topps heritage 
Tim Anderson-17 topps now road to opening day, 17 topps black
Adam Engel-16x20, 16 topps heritage minors, and y bowman chrome fall stars (base and blue refractor)
David Holmberg-16x20, cic
Rick Renteria-17 topps team card black and 17 topps team set stadium card.  

I had a great time and will definitely come back.  

Monday, June 26, 2017

Trade return

This trade was from a while ago.  Hadn't seen the bigger donruss cards before. 


Four more CIC's came in today.  All are solid TTM guys.  Up to 50 CIC's now!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

TTM Card returns

Several cards came back while I was gone on vacation.  All were from 3/2017 or more recent with the exception of Contreras which I believe I sent in 2014 (I don't believe I sent that card).  


Got three cards in for cheap at the last minute on eBay.  An updated list of 2017 want list can be found here:  

White Sox Custom Index Cards.

Recently, I started to make these custom index cards.  Real simple ones on word.  I have been sending them out since the beginning of June (basically to the sure shots).  I have been out of town the last 8 days and had a stack come back today.

Tony Muser
Bill Stein
Don Ferrarese
Tommy Kahnlle
Ron Hansen
Jason Benetti
Joe Shipley
Tito Francona
Billy Wynne (signed the back so I made one that would fit to print around it)
Dave Nicholson
Steve Mura
Randy Martz
Steve Kemp
Ken Frailing
Cotten Nash
Bob Molinaro
Lee Elia

Will add more as I get them.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Friday, April 7, 2017

Sportlot Purchase-2017 Topps Heritage

For the first time in 4 months, I sold less cards than the previous month.  I have been using the funds to purchase higher end cards.  These 4 cards came in today.

J.B. Shuck Consignment

J.B. Shuck now is playing in Rochester.  There was a consignment offer that I took advantage of that got 2 cards and an added signature on my Sox Logo Photo.

This is the 59th signature on the photo.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gypsy queen

Didn't get too many hits but still like this set.  Will have some trading to do to help out with these cads.


A quick 6 day turn around from this 2005 world series pitcher.  I met him and Podsednik during the 10 year reunion.  He seems like a great guy.

This is the first card signed from the 2005 World Series Set.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Triple thread, Tribute, Five Star Purchases

I saw these cards were going for pretty cheap on ebay with the Triple Thread cards going for .99 and the auto cards for less than 5.00.

These are all the first cards that I have from that subset.  I do have a couple of Carlos Rodon 2016 Auto from the Triple Thread Series though.

Bill Long TTM return

Mr. Long was a pitcher from my youngest days as a Sox fan.  He is a great signer through the mail.  He signed these 3 cards for me.

Here are my new set totals
1988 Coke: LaPoint, Long, Redus, Salas
1988 Score: Long
1989 Bowman: Long

Monday, April 3, 2017

TTM returns...Huff, Hernandez and Kutzler

Been pretty dead in terms of TTM.  I spent a decent amount of March sorting through my cards and found a good amount of solid TTM guys that I could use on cards.

Jerry Kutzler-2/2 c/o Home in 7 Days
Mike Huff 3/3 c/o Home in 10 Days
Roberto Hernandez 3/3 c/o Home in 10 Days

Updates for each set
1989 Birmingham-1 card (Kutzler)
1991 Score-2 cards (Pall, Kutzler)
1992 Fleer-3 Cards (Hernandez, Alvarez, Drahman
1992 Fleer Ultra-1 card (Hernandez)
1992 O-Pee-Chee-1 (Hernandez)
1992 Topps Stadium Club-2 cards (Pall, Huff)
1993 Donruss-2 (Drahman, Huff)
1994 Topps Stadium Club Team-2 (D.Jackson, Huff)

Friday, February 17, 2017

2017 Topps Series 1

I have made a lot of purchases on ebay of 2017 Topps as I have been selling other stuff pretty well.  Here has been my haul so far.
Usually not a big fan of the buybacks.  I have been lucky to win the Lawrie Negative and the Pink Eaton card as last second snipes.

 Making a decent dent in the rainbow foils so far.  Hope to get some more soon.

 Not many Gold cards yet.  Almost missed the black card and put it with the duplicates.

2016 Panini Extra Elite Case Break Results

I have become a big fan of Panini Extra Elite.  I just wish they had logos on them.  Anyways, I won two case breaks.  Was able to get some great autos from the recent draft class.  The Fulmer patch auto is a very sweet card.

Roberto Hernandez TTM return

Roberto is one of the best TTMing players from the 90's.  He returned these back after a 10 days.

Alan Bannister Return

After Soxfest, I sent two sets of 8x10's out.  Yesterday, the first one came back from Alan Bannister, who signed 4 team photos.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

SoxFest day 3

I'll post pics later.

Like most years, the time on Sunday is limited due to my parents watching my kids and the desire to make the 3 hour trip home while there is still daylight.  The lack of stars on Sunday also had something to do with it being a short trip.  There were a couple of players I would have loved to got but they seem to be regulars so I will hit them up in future years.

I got in line about 6:15-6:30 and was surprised how few people were waiting.  I decided to forego the 9:00 signings in favor of Zack Collins and Zack Burdi at 9:30.  We were able to get a wristband in about the 40-50 range so we were good to go there.  As we got Burdi earlier, I had a panoramic and our flag to get signed with him.  I was hoping to get collins on some cards but the security was keeping an eye on the one-per rule.  I am happy to get Collins on the multi-signed items.

We finished with Collins and Burdi at 9:45 so we went to see how the 9:00 signings were going.  Willie Harris and Charlie Tilson still had wristbands available so we went to there line and got Willie on some world series stuff and Tilson on our flag and panoramic.

We then saw the coaches line was still giving out braclets.  Cooper cancelled but was able to get Renteria and Steverson on some multi-signed items.  We then called it a day.

All in all, this was our most succesful Soxfest in terms of autographs and players as we ever had.  I look forward to spring training beginning and seeing how the season goes.

Final count 108 autographs from 26 players!

Mail day

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Soxfest day 2

i got in line about 6:00.  They hadn't opened the waiting area so we were ok the hallway and I wasn't sure how far back we were.  Once we got in the waiting area, I saw that we were about 300th in line.

I would have been happy with any of the first signings but decided to go with bo Jackson.  We were pretty early in the line and he was quick with signing as it was only the provided photo.  We were able to sneak into another 9:00 signing with Tim Anderson.  Last year Tim signed multiples but not this year so we got a photo and a topps now card.

As there were not any signings until 10:30, we got a bracket for tyler Danish and nate jones. As nate signed a lot for us yesterday, we got him on a baseball and a photo for my daughter.  Tyler Signed 6 cards and 2 multi signed items

After, I was hoping to get Matt Davidson and zack Collins but we just missed so we went back to Eric soderholm and Ken kravec to get on some team photos.  I had one more card from Jennings to get so I was hoping to get in an 11:30 line but it was closed so I got a bracket for 1:00 signing with Carson fulmer and Miguel Gonzalez while my wife went in tyler saladino's line to get an 8x10 for my other daughter.  

While waiting for the 1:00 signing, I walked around and saw Ron Kittle signing.  I know he doesn't sign his topps rookie card without a fee, I had cash for him and he started to sign but he smeared it.  He said he would get another for me and sign at his 2:30 so he teared it up but signed  my other card of his

After I got fulmer on a card and Gonzalez on one multisigned item, I got in line for renteria and got him on the same item.

I then went back to get a bracket for kittle and Baines but just missed it so we got our brackets for Harris and darrin Jackson. We then walked around and I got dan Jennings on the last card I had of his. Then we got willie on three cards and two multi signed items and Jackson on a ball and flag.

As there were no other signings, we went to seminar about the farm system and I was able to get Chris Getz on three cards.

There won't be much tomorrow as there isn't a lot of wants that are early.  So far it has been a very productive and fun weekend.