Saturday, January 28, 2017

Soxfest day 2

i got in line about 6:00.  They hadn't opened the waiting area so we were ok the hallway and I wasn't sure how far back we were.  Once we got in the waiting area, I saw that we were about 300th in line.

I would have been happy with any of the first signings but decided to go with bo Jackson.  We were pretty early in the line and he was quick with signing as it was only the provided photo.  We were able to sneak into another 9:00 signing with Tim Anderson.  Last year Tim signed multiples but not this year so we got a photo and a topps now card.

As there were not any signings until 10:30, we got a bracket for tyler Danish and nate jones. As nate signed a lot for us yesterday, we got him on a baseball and a photo for my daughter.  Tyler Signed 6 cards and 2 multi signed items

After, I was hoping to get Matt Davidson and zack Collins but we just missed so we went back to Eric soderholm and Ken kravec to get on some team photos.  I had one more card from Jennings to get so I was hoping to get in an 11:30 line but it was closed so I got a bracket for 1:00 signing with Carson fulmer and Miguel Gonzalez while my wife went in tyler saladino's line to get an 8x10 for my other daughter.  

While waiting for the 1:00 signing, I walked around and saw Ron Kittle signing.  I know he doesn't sign his topps rookie card without a fee, I had cash for him and he started to sign but he smeared it.  He said he would get another for me and sign at his 2:30 so he teared it up but signed  my other card of his

After I got fulmer on a card and Gonzalez on one multisigned item, I got in line for renteria and got him on the same item.

I then went back to get a bracket for kittle and Baines but just missed it so we got our brackets for Harris and darrin Jackson. We then walked around and I got dan Jennings on the last card I had of his. Then we got willie on three cards and two multi signed items and Jackson on a ball and flag.

As there were no other signings, we went to seminar about the farm system and I was able to get Chris Getz on three cards.

There won't be much tomorrow as there isn't a lot of wants that are early.  So far it has been a very productive and fun weekend.

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