Friday, January 27, 2017

Soxfest day 1 results

my phone is not allowing me to update photos well so a narative will do for now.

It seemed like soxfest was going to be less attended this year. We got there a little later than normal but it was obvious I was correct in my assumption.  We dropped our stuff off (including our thome bobbleheads) and we went ahead and headed down to the waiting area (around 2:30).  

After last years craziness following the opening ceremonies, they decided to not do chairs and they would let one side out first and then the other side.  I thought it would be a disaster but it actually worked pretty well and was pretty safe. 

My son really wanted to get a Carlton Fisk photo after listening to an interview with him so we went there first. He signed a photo for my wife and I and we were off and running.  

Since we were pretty far up in that line, we went to another 5:00 signing with Charlie tilson and zack burdi. Both signed two multi signed items and zack signed three cards.  

There weren't more signing until 6:30 so we got brac1ets for don cooper and curt hasler.  We then went to get something to eat.  As we were eating, we saw nate jones getting interviewed by wls.  I got some cards ready and he signed 3/3 for me.  Later, we saw dan pasqua and he signed thee cards for me and later he signed three for my wife.  Steverson was also there and I had him sign a sga flag.  

We then decided to go to the signing. Cooper bailed and steverson took his place.  Hasler signed two multi signed items.  

We then went to the Ken kravec and Eric soderholm braclets and went back by the wls area.  Lucas giolito, Carlos rodon, jake petricka and dan Jennings were meeting with some donors.  I waited and got signatures on cards from rodon-1/3, Jennings 1/3 and petricka 3/3.  I was pumped to get rodon. 

We then head to get kravec and soderholm.  Both sign our 2 multisigned items and Eric signs the two extra cards I sent and kravec signed the 6 cards.  I have some team photos that I would like to get signed as well if possible.  

There is only one more signing for the day and that is with Jennings, petricka and jones.  We get the braclet and then see that ed farmer is signing at the csn booth.  He signed two cards, the flag and a multi signed item. We then get in line to get the three pitchers on the flag and 2 more cards from petricka, theee from Jennings and two more from jones.  All great guys.  Unfortunately, Jennings missed my 2016 topps black card but I am grateful. 

There were no more signings for the day so we walked around looking to see if there were any more players out.  We first see Tim Anderson and Tyler saladino.  Tim didn't sign but tyler signed three cards for us.  Then I got a picture with Carlton Fisk.  Finally, I saw darrin Jackson working in the kids area.  I waited and he signed theee cards for me and theee for my wife.  

I was thrilled with my day and was happy to call it a day.  While we were getting some food, I realized I was missing my ATM card.  I figured it was with me so I decided to go to our room and look for it.  Unfortunately, I could t find it.  I decided to go back down and check with some places that I purchased things. Although at first, I didn't see it, I did see Jose Abreu and he signed one card for me.  

I eventually got to security and fortunately, my ATM card was returned.  

This was, by far, our most successful day of sox fest.  I look forward to seeing how tomorrow works. 

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