Sunday, January 29, 2017

SoxFest day 3

I'll post pics later.

Like most years, the time on Sunday is limited due to my parents watching my kids and the desire to make the 3 hour trip home while there is still daylight.  The lack of stars on Sunday also had something to do with it being a short trip.  There were a couple of players I would have loved to got but they seem to be regulars so I will hit them up in future years.

I got in line about 6:15-6:30 and was surprised how few people were waiting.  I decided to forego the 9:00 signings in favor of Zack Collins and Zack Burdi at 9:30.  We were able to get a wristband in about the 40-50 range so we were good to go there.  As we got Burdi earlier, I had a panoramic and our flag to get signed with him.  I was hoping to get collins on some cards but the security was keeping an eye on the one-per rule.  I am happy to get Collins on the multi-signed items.

We finished with Collins and Burdi at 9:45 so we went to see how the 9:00 signings were going.  Willie Harris and Charlie Tilson still had wristbands available so we went to there line and got Willie on some world series stuff and Tilson on our flag and panoramic.

We then saw the coaches line was still giving out braclets.  Cooper cancelled but was able to get Renteria and Steverson on some multi-signed items.  We then called it a day.

All in all, this was our most succesful Soxfest in terms of autographs and players as we ever had.  I look forward to spring training beginning and seeing how the season goes.

Final count 108 autographs from 26 players!

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