Friday, January 27, 2017

SoxFest Weekend!

This is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  In the dead of winter, there is a gathering of Sox fans and a chance to geek out on my favorite team with others.  Doesn't get much better than that!  Where I live, there aren't alot of White Sox fans.  Most are Cubs, Cardinals or Reds which adds to the excitement.  I have my stuff all packed and we will hit the road a little later today.

We opted out of doing the MVP pass which seems to be a good move based on the lineup.

The lineup:
Jose Abreu-Friday 5:00 w/Moncada
Tim Anderson-Saturday-9:00
Harold Baines-Saturday 2:30 w/Kittle, Sunday 1:00
Jason Benetti-Saturday-1:00 w/Harrelson, Sunday 11:00 w/Farmer
Zack Burdi-Friday-5:00 w/Tilson, Sunday 9:30 w/Collins
Melky Cabrera-Friday-5:00, Saturday-9:00 w/Moncada
Zack Collins-Saturday-11:00 w/Davidson, , Sunday 9:30 w/Burdi
Don Cooper-Friday 6:30 w/Curt Hasler, Saturday 2:00 w/Steverson, Sunday 9:00 w/Renteria, Steverson
Tyler Danish-Friday-7:00 w/Kopech, Fulmer, Saturday 10:30 w/Jones, Sunday 1:00
Matt Davidson-Saturday-11:00 w/Collins
Ed Farmer-Sunday 11:00 w/Benetti
Carlton Fisk-Friday-5:00
Todd Frazier-Saturday-9:00
Carson Fulmer-Friday-7:00 w/Kopech, Danish, Saturday-1:00 w/Gonzalez, Sunday 9:30
Lucas Giolito-Friday-6:30, Saturday 2:30 w/Tilson, Sunday 10:30 w/Jennings
Miguel Gonzalez-Friday-5:00 w/Quintana, Saturday-1:00 w/Fulmer, Sunday 11:00
Willie Harris-Saturday 2:30 w/D.Jackson, , Sunday 9:00 w/Tilson
Ken Harrelson-Saturday-1:00 w/Benetti
Curt Hasler-Friday 6:30 w/Don Cooper
Michael Huff-Sunday 11:00 w/Pasqua
Bo Jackson-Saturday-9:00
Darrin Jackson-Saturday 2:30 w/Harris
Dan Jennings-Friday-7:00 w/Jones, Petricka, Sunday 10:30 w/Giolito
Nate Jones-Friday-7:00 w/Jennings, Petricka, Saturday 10:30 w/Danish, , Sunday 9:00 w/Petricka
Ron Kittle-Saturday 2:30 w/Baines, Sunday 1:00 w/May
Michael Kopech-Friday-7:00 w/Danish, Kopech, Sunday 1:00 w/Kravec
Ken Kravec-Friday-7:00 w/Soderholm, Saturday-11:00 w/Soderholm, Sunday 1:00 w/Kopech
Carlos May-Sunday 1:00 w/Kittle
Yoan Moncada-Friday-5:00 w/Abreu, Saturday-9:00 w/Cabrera
Dan Pasqua-Sunday 11:00 w/Huff
Jake Petricka-Friday-7:00 w/Jones, Jennings, , Sunday 9:00 w/Jones
Jose Quintana-Friday-5:00 w/Gonzalez
Rick Renteria-Saturday-1:00, Sunday 9:00 w/Cooper, Steverson
Carlos Rodon-Friday-7:00, Saturday-1:00
Tyler Saladino-Saturday-1:00
Eric Soderholm-Friday-7:00 w/Kravec, Saturday-11:00 w/Kravec, Sunday 12:30 w/Soderholm
Todd Steverson-Saturday 2:00 w/Cooper, , Sunday 9:00 w/Cooper, Renteria
Frank Thomas-Saturday-11:00
Jim Thome-Saturday-9:00
Charlie Tilson-Friday-7:00 w/Burdi, Saturday 2:30 w/Giolito, , Sunday 9:00 w/Harris

My first priority will be Carlton Fisk as my son listened to the interview with him on the cycle and said he really liked him.  For a 7 year old, he has good taste.  After, I'm probably going to avoid the long lines for Frank and Thome and go for some of the prospects and alums.  On the current team, I really like Saladino and Jones so I will probably target them.

I will post my results each day if my phone allows me to.

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