Friday, February 17, 2017

2017 Topps Series 1

I have made a lot of purchases on ebay of 2017 Topps as I have been selling other stuff pretty well.  Here has been my haul so far.
Usually not a big fan of the buybacks.  I have been lucky to win the Lawrie Negative and the Pink Eaton card as last second snipes.

 Making a decent dent in the rainbow foils so far.  Hope to get some more soon.

 Not many Gold cards yet.  Almost missed the black card and put it with the duplicates.

2016 Panini Extra Elite Case Break Results

I have become a big fan of Panini Extra Elite.  I just wish they had logos on them.  Anyways, I won two case breaks.  Was able to get some great autos from the recent draft class.  The Fulmer patch auto is a very sweet card.

Roberto Hernandez TTM return

Roberto is one of the best TTMing players from the 90's.  He returned these back after a 10 days.

Alan Bannister Return

After Soxfest, I sent two sets of 8x10's out.  Yesterday, the first one came back from Alan Bannister, who signed 4 team photos.