Monday, April 3, 2017

TTM returns...Huff, Hernandez and Kutzler

Been pretty dead in terms of TTM.  I spent a decent amount of March sorting through my cards and found a good amount of solid TTM guys that I could use on cards.

Jerry Kutzler-2/2 c/o Home in 7 Days
Mike Huff 3/3 c/o Home in 10 Days
Roberto Hernandez 3/3 c/o Home in 10 Days

Updates for each set
1989 Birmingham-1 card (Kutzler)
1991 Score-2 cards (Pall, Kutzler)
1992 Fleer-3 Cards (Hernandez, Alvarez, Drahman
1992 Fleer Ultra-1 card (Hernandez)
1992 O-Pee-Chee-1 (Hernandez)
1992 Topps Stadium Club-2 cards (Pall, Huff)
1993 Donruss-2 (Drahman, Huff)
1994 Topps Stadium Club Team-2 (D.Jackson, Huff)

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