Monday, June 26, 2017

Trade return

This trade was from a while ago.  Hadn't seen the bigger donruss cards before. 


Four more CIC's came in today.  All are solid TTM guys.  Up to 50 CIC's now!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

TTM Card returns

Several cards came back while I was gone on vacation.  All were from 3/2017 or more recent with the exception of Contreras which I believe I sent in 2014 (I don't believe I sent that card).  


Got three cards in for cheap at the last minute on eBay.  An updated list of 2017 want list can be found here:  

White Sox Custom Index Cards.

Recently, I started to make these custom index cards.  Real simple ones on word.  I have been sending them out since the beginning of June (basically to the sure shots).  I have been out of town the last 8 days and had a stack come back today.

Tony Muser
Bill Stein
Don Ferrarese
Tommy Kahnlle
Ron Hansen
Jason Benetti
Joe Shipley
Tito Francona
Billy Wynne (signed the back so I made one that would fit to print around it)
Dave Nicholson
Steve Mura
Randy Martz
Steve Kemp
Ken Frailing
Cotten Nash
Bob Molinaro
Lee Elia

Will add more as I get them.