Sunday, July 30, 2017

Kannapolis at Lexington IP (7/29-7/30)

This weekend, I took a road trip to Lexington (about 3 hours away) to do some IP graphing of the Kannapolis Intimidators.

On my way down, I stopped at commons4kids to drop off some cards.

It was very easy to get players to come over.  Those I didn't get were mainly because they had sweatshirts on and I couldn't see there numbers.

Here was the results from the two days
Micker Adolfo 2/2 cic, 17 Kannapolis
Burger, Jake 2/2 cic, ROMLB
Call, Alex 2/2, 2/2 16 Bowman Draft Green, 16 Bowman Draft Blue, 16 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor, 17 Kannapolis
Cease, Dylan-Signed a couple before his start and then stopped.  He was charting the second day.  He signed for a couple before a coach told us to see them after the game.  A fellow SCN member gave me one of his 2017 Bowman Prospect cards
Elliott, Jake 1/1 cic
Escorcia, Kelvin 2/2 cic, 17 Kannapolis
Hobbs, Lane 2/2 cic, 17 Kannapolis
Gonzalez, Luis 1/1 cic
Massey, Grant 3/3 cic, 17 Kannapolis, 15 Great Falls
Martinez, Luis 1/1 cic
Olson, J.B. 1/1 cic
Remillard, Zach 2/2 cic, 17 Kannapolis
Roman, Mitch 1/2-17 Kannapolis, doesn't sign CICs
Rutherford, Blake 1/1 cic
Schnurbusch, Aaron 1/1 cic
Schroeder, Casey 2/2 cic, 15 Great Falls
Sheets, Gavin 1/1 cic
Skoug, Evan 1/1 cic
Solorzano, Yosmer 1/1 cic, 17 Kannapolis
VanVossen, Mick 1/1 cic
Zaleski, Matt 2/2 cic, 17 Kannapolis

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