Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Charlie O'Brien Private Signing

Took part in this signing last year as well on some multi signed items.  This year, I have photo # 234 signed.

I always forget that he was an opening day starter when I do this quiz: https://www.sporcle.com/games/stustustudio/whitesox19902009

Here is my roster from his one year on the south side of 8x10's signed.
  1. Baldwin, James
  2. Bere, Jason
  3. Cameron, Mike
  4. Caruso, Mike
  5. Castillo, Carlos
  6. Durham, Ray
  7. Foulke, Keith
  8. Johnson, Mark
  9. Norton, Greg
  10. O'Brien, Charlie
  11. Salas, Mark (bullpen catcher)
  12. Simmons, Brian
  13. Thomas, Frank
  14. Ventura, Robin
  15. Wilson, Craig

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Soxfest day 3 results

This was going to be a short day.  I told my parents (who were watching our kids) that we would be leaving by 12:00.  As I looked at the schedule and who we already had, I figured we had two options. 1.) Yoan Moncada at 9:00
2.) Avisail Garcia and Eloy Jimenez at 10:30

As I had Garcia on an 8x10, I opted for Moncada.  As I knew he would be popular, I got in line at 5:00.  When we were finally able to get in the waiting room, we were in about 270th.  He was signing for 250 so I thought we would be good to go.

When we got released to go to the wristbands, we were in about 150th so we were good to go.  We got him on an 8x10 and a Topps now road to opening day.  Now down to just Abreu and holland for the set.

At this time, the only other possibility was for Mark salad and Greg Sparks who was signing at 9:30.   It was 9:55.  I walked over there and they were still signing so I got them to sign 8x10 photos.

We were going to be done with signings so we walked around one time to see if there were any players out and about.   We were able to get Yolmer Sanchez on a card, Harold Baines on two team photos and Jon garland on two cards.

Finally, I looked at some booths and purchases a Luis Aparicio 8x10 and called it a day.

Overall a great experience.

Soxfest day 2 recap

had a good day for day 2.

Definitely more quality than quantity compared to last year.

Got in line around 6:00.  Saw I was about 350 in line in front of me.   Most were going to the Eloy Jimenez and Dylan cease line so I decided to go for Yolmer Sanchez with the hopes of getting a 10:30 line.  Yolmer signed 2 8x10 photos (one for my son).

We were pretty early in the line and was able to turn around and get in the same line for Jake Burger and Zach Collins.  In that line, we got them to finish a photo that Rutherford and sheets started yesterday as well as an 8x10 of each player.  Jake also signed a photo with sheets.

The 11 and 11:30 sessions were full.  Burdi was signing at 12 (he signed in the lobby yesterday).  I decided to pass on the Harold Bainrs 12:30 to go to Carson Fulmer and Lucas Giolito at 1:00.  We were about 100th in line but with the fast passes, it was going to take a while.

While waiting for 1:00, I walked around to see if any players were out and about.  I was able to get Ed farmer and joe mcewing and Rick Renteria on 8x10s.

We returned to the Fulmer and Giolito line and they signed an 8x10 and a card each.  I believe I have 3 cards left from the Topps now road to opening day (Abreu, Moncada and holland).

After this signing, my wife got a bracelet for ed farmer and Darrin Jackson ar 3:00.  I held off to see if  there were still bracelets for  Steve stone and Jason Benetti (1:30).  I was able to get a wrist band.  Both signed an 8x10.  Stone gave me an interesting signature that was more print than anything.

After that, I got in line for Todd Stevenson and don Cooper.  Both signed 8x10s (Todd also signed an extra 8x10 of him and sparks.

That was the end of signings.  I went to  the session with some of the younger guys in hopes of getting Nicky Delmonico and Adam Engel to clear up the 9:00 on Sunday.  They both signed their 8x10s.

I’m in line now for Sunday.  Hoping to get Yoan Moncada at 9:00.  I’ll post pics tomorrow.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Soxfest 2018-day 1

One of my favorite weekends of the year.

My wife and I left home around 10:00.  We met my dad for lunch and headed up to the Hilton.  After checking in and putting our stuff in our room, I get in line at about 2:00 for the opening ceremonies at 4.  We are about 490th in line which means choice 1 of S├ínchez and Moncada won’t happen.

My goal was to focus on 8x10s, then some multi signed items that I have had for years and then cards.

Debating between Kopech and burdi and Rodon and Smith, I decide to go to the Rodon and smith line.  The signing was supposed to begin at 5:00 but they started at 4:45 and we were early in line so that set us up for getting in a couple of other lines.

Rodon and smith both signed an 8x10 and a stadium photo and smith also signed a Topps now card.  We were pretty early in line so we were able to get wristbands for Reynaldo Lopez and Wellington Castillo at another 5:00 signing.

Castillo aigned both of my multisigned items and Lopez signed an 8x10 and a stadium photo as well as a Topps now card.

Next up we’re prospects Gavin Sheets and Blake Rutherford.  I have an 8x10 with Rutherford, sheets, Collins and burger that both signed and I hope to finish off today.   Sheets also signed an 8x10 of him and burger and Rutherford signed an 8x10 of him at Kannapolis.  They both signed 6 cards each for us (3 per).

The next signing was at 6:30 with Jose Contreras.  He signed an 8x10 and our Sox logo 16x20.  Afterwards, I was able to get Dylan cease on an 8x10 and Jon garland on a card out of lines.

The 7:30 lines were full and the only 8:00 that was still available was Matt Davidson.  He signed 2 8x10s (one for my daughter) and 2 Topps now cards.

Afterwards, Michael Kopech was doing some signings at the nbc sports area that we were able to get 2 8x10s (one for my daughter) and Zack burdi on an 8x10.

Also purchased 8x10's of Melky Cabrera, David Robertson, Todd Frazier and Jose Quintana for $2 each.

Overall, I am pretty happy with what we got.  Looking forward to day 2.  As I write this, I am in the loopy waiting to begin.