Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Doug Mansolino, Julio Franco, Eduardo Escobar 8x10 Returns

8x10's #237, 238 and 239 came in the mail today. 

I was always a big fan of the early 90's White Sox teams.  Doug Mansolino was a coach during this time. 

Julio Franco came to the White Sox 1 year (1994).  I always loved hearing about him still playing years after I forgot that he was still in playing years.  His last appearance was in 2014 in Fort Worth with Independent Ball.

I always like super utility players so Escobar was a guy that I liked when he was playing in Ventura's first year. 

My number of 239 8x10's include several consignments that have been accomplished over sprint training (currently at 15).

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Jacob May

I sent to Jacob twice (once in July c/o Charlotte, once in November c/o Home).

I got both back on Saturday.  The first envelope had two Knights cards (I don't think I sent two but that's fine).

The other, I sent one Topps Update card and the 8x10.  He added 2 extra of the Topps Update and 2 more knights cards.

eBay purchases

 I sold my Hawk Harrelson bobblehead on eBay.  With the profits, I purchased these 6 photos.  Some are of deceased players.  After the Minoso, I need Fox and Konerko before I have all of the retired numbers.  I then need to figure out what to do with them!


8x10's 242, 243, and 244 came in yesterday.  All were personalized.  I loved the first 2.  In Merullo's letter, I talked about how much I loved the early 90's teams.  Glad to see he wrote the letter.

For Petricka, he has always been nice and accommodating for the fans.  I wish him well with the Blue Jays.  
I got a Wilbur Wood 8x10 for Christmas (which I got after I sent that photo back.