Sunday, January 27, 2019

SoxFest day 3

The last day of Soxfest is always a quicker day for us.  The goal was to get as many players we missed out on the last two days and be checked out by noon.  

I got in line at about 6:00.  Besides Eloy, the only other player signing at 9:00 was Palka who was signing with Engel.  We decided to go that route so we got Palka on a ball and three cards and Engel on two cards.  

My wife went to get a bracelet for wise to get some more cards at the 10:30 session.  I took a gamble and got a bracelet for 10:00 Zach Collins and Seby Zavala with the hopes I could get a Wise bracelet.  I got Zavala on a ball and Collins on a heritage card.  I rushed over to get a Wise bracelet.  

After getting Wise on two cards, we got the last two bracelets for Yolmer Sanchez.  He signed 5 cards for us.   

Afterwards, we saw bill Melton who signed two cards for me.  My wife went up to get our stuff ready.  I went to a session that had John Cangelosi, Mike Huff and Dan Pasqua.  After I got balls signed by Huff and Cangelosi.   

Overall, another great event with 66 autographs and 29 balls signed. 

Soxfest day 2 recap.

As my focus is on baseballs this year, I went to the Daryl Boston/nick Capra line.  This was by far the least popular line as we were first.   Daryl signed 5 cards and nick signed a ball (side panel).  

We then got wristbands for nick Madrigal and Zach Collins for 10:30.   We were waiting near the kids area for some of the coaches and players that were doing a session there.   While waiting we saw jace fry and got him on a ball.   Greg sparks signed a side panel ball and we got Ron kittle a little later.   I then got Ed farmer on a ball before we went back to the line.  Zach and nick both signed balls and photos for my daughter.  

For noon, my wife went to the Leury Garcia/Adam Engel line and I went to the Nicky Delmonico line.  Leury signed a ball for her and Engel signed two cards.   Delmonico signed three cards for me.  

We then went to the dewayne wise line to get some more cards for someone on scn.  He signed a ball and a card for us.  We will go back and try to get more signed tomorrow.  

After the 1:30 signings, my wife went to the 2:00 signing with Steve Stone and Jason Bennetti.  I was hoping to get a regular signed stone ball which he did but also personalized.  Jason signed an ice cream helmet.  

For the 3:00 signings, I got a bracelet for Reynaldo Lopez.  My wife just missed the Giolito/fry line so she got a bracelet for steverson/mcewing/sparks.   Todd and joe signed balls while sparks signed an ice cream helmet.  I went through that line to get helmets on the other two after Reynaldo signed a ball.  

While the side panel and personalization wasn’t ideal, we still had a good day.  

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Soxfest day 1 recap

Our annual trip to Chicago for Soxfest started on Friday.  This is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  Goal this year was mostly baseballs and cards. 

The event officially starts at 4:00.  We got in line around 1:15.   When we got to the opening ceremony, I estimated we were about 350th in line.  My wife agreed to do separate lines to get more players.  

For the 5:00 signings, there were all great options. Harold Baines, Ozzie Guillen, Jim Thome/Frank Thomas, Yoán Moncada and Michel Kopech.  I went to Baines and my wife went to Guillen.   I was 5th in line and she was 20th.  That made me think about hitting another 5:00 afterwards.   In my line there were about 20 MVP passes that got to go in front of the line for Baines so my wife got through her line faster.  Ozzie inscribed the ball with 85 ROY.    She went on to get a bracelet for Kopech.   I asked Harold for a HOF inscription but he said no.  After I got out of line for Harold, I got a photo with Tim Raines as the line was super short.   I then went to the garage sale and got a mystery bag that had a Luis Robert ball.  I also saw Yolmer Sanchez and he signed a ball for me.  

For the 6:30 signings, my wife got a bracelet for Tim Anderson and I got one for Nicky Delmonico and Adam Engel.  After I got the braclet, I decided to walk around to see if I could find any other players.  I was able to see Adam Engel before the signing so i got him on a photo for my son.   Later, I got Daryl Boston on a ball at the nbc sports booth.  The Tim
Anderson line was quick as my wife was about 15th in line.  Tim switched to a black pen but I’m ok with that.  She then went to get a Rick Renteria bracelet.  My situation was a little hairy.  

I checked a couple of times and saw that thome and Thomas were still signing at 6:30.   It seemed like most were using their mvp pass with them so their line was moving very slow.   At 7:00, they both left with over 100 people still with brackets for them.  Obviously they were very upset.   It took some time for them to figure out how to fix it.  By 7:30, they were moved to another area and we were able to get Delmonico on a ball and Engel signed 4/6 cards.   I was hoping to get an 8:00 bracelet for Dewayne Wise but I just missed it.  My wife was able to get a bracelet for him.  In between Renteria and wise, she was able to get Dylan Cease on a ball.  

There was a member on scn who sent me 5 wise cards to get signed for him.  I gave them to my wife to get signed.  His handler let him only sign one.  He is doing a signing on Saturday and Sunday so we will try to get them done during those times.  

When I got done with the 6:30 signing, the only signing left was Yonder Alonso so I got a braclet for him and he signed a ball.   We did a final walk through, we got don cooper on an 8x10 for a friend and curt hasler on a ball and I got a photo with Leury Garcia.  

Really happy with the day.  I am currently waiting for day 2.   I believe there are 400 in front of me and I got in the waiting room at 6:00.  

Thursday, January 24, 2019

SoxFest Weekend!

Tonight, we will leave after school to head up to Chicago for SoxFest.  We are all packed and ready to go.  This year, I am mostly focused on getting signed baseballs.  I have 33 ready that I have been stockpiling away since September.  I also have a bunch of cards ready.

Since I am focusing on ROMLBs, I know that my quantity will probably be less.  I already have signed balls from some of the bigger names (Thomas, Thome, Robert, Moncada, Abreu) so I am hopeful I can get through alot of lines.  Baines and Guillen are probably highest on my list. 

I'll post pictures after each day. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Carlton Fisk ROMLB return

Growing up a White Sox fan in the 80's, Carlton Fisk and Harold Baines were my two favorite players.  I have met Carlton a couple of times at Soxfest but he is limited to just signing the photo that they provide.  I decided to pay the fee (proceeds goes to Cancer Support) to get a ball signed.  

This is my 95th team ball.  Of the 95, this is the 5th Hall of Famers (Steve Carlton, Frank Thomas, Jim Thome and Luke Appling).  This is also my 12th signed ball from the 1983 team.

Carlton Fisk
18705 63rd Ave E 
Bradenton, FL 34211-7025

He charges $40/signature + 15 for inscription.  Checks payable to The Cancer Support Center.

I sent the ball on 12/17 and received on 12/14.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

2018 Topps chrome Jose Abreu rainbow

For a couple of months, I thought it would be cool to try to get a bunch of Jose Abreu cards. I made a bunch of purchass on eBay and took part in several case breaks.   After realizing that there are thousands of unique abreu cards, I realized that it wasn’t a collection I could finish so I began liquidating the cards.   One of the last player case breaks I did landed me my first 1/1 in a case break. Since I had already purchased the red refractor and the superfractor.  I decided to try to complete the rainbow.   Outside of the printing plates, I just have the gold refractor and it will be complete.  

Starting to get things ready for Soxfest.