Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hector Noesi consignment return

Throughout the years, I have done less and less autographs on cards.  I did send a couple out for Spring Training and will do some on a spring break trip but I have definitely focused more on balls and photos.  That being said, there are times a good deal is tough to not try.  

I liked Hector Noesi while he played for the White Sox.  He joined the White Sox after a rough outing against the White Sox while he played for the Mariners.  He turned in to a decent starter who turned in 166 innings in 2014.  After Carlos Rodon got promoted, his time in the rotation was numbered.  

He is now with Miami after a couple of years in the KBO.  

I now have 16 signed cards from the 2015 Base/Update series
  1. Tyler Flowers
  2. Conor Gillaspie
  3. Adam LaRoche
  4. Avisail Garcia
  5. Leury Garcia
  6. John Danks
  7. Jose Quintana
  8. Carlos Sanchez
  9. Micah Johnson
  10. Gordon Beckham
  11. Tyler Saladino
  12. Zach Duke
  13. Scott Carroll
  14. Geovany Soto
  15. J.B. Shuck
  16. Hector Noesi

Luis Aparicio ROMLB purchase

Ball #135 was another ebay purchase that I felt like was a good deal (16.50 plus shipping).  I have a good amount of Luis Aparicio autographs (several cards, a photo and some 59 White Sox team items).  It came with a hologram sticker attached. 

I do think I would have loved watching the Go Go Sox as I enjoy the small ball type of baseball.  Some of his numbers were astounding and it would have been great to see him play live. 

The collection of White Sox retired number balls I have is now (Baines, Appling, Aparicio, Pierce, Thomas, Buehrle, Fisk).  There are plenty of Minoso balls out there but Fox and Lyons will be tough.

Former White Sox hall of famers in my collection now include: Luke Applingm Luis Aparicio, Steve Carlton, Carlton Fisk, Rich Gossage, Frank Thomas, Jim Thome and Harold Baines).  

Monday, February 25, 2019

Joe Shipley ttm return

Ball 134 came from pitcher Joe Shipley.  He played in 3 games in 1963.  I sent this to his house in Missouri and it came back 12 days later.

Carlos Lee purchase

Ball 133 came from El Caballo Carlos Lee.  He was a stud player in the pre-2005 White Sox teams.  
Every once in a while, I will place a small bid on certified baseballs on ebay.  This ball had an opening bid at 9.00 so I put a max bid at 10.00.  I was shocked to see that I won this bid.  It is certified by Beckett.

I'll share a couple of great El Caballo moments while he was on the South Side. 

Friday, February 22, 2019

Zach Putnam ttm from spring training

Zach Putnam is a current NRI for the Boston Red Sox.  I sent a couple of ST TTM cards to different players.  He is the second to return.  

My autograph collection from the 2017 Flagship/Update is as follows:
  1. Carson Fulmer
  2. Nate Jones
  3. Tyler Saladino
  4. Zach Putnam
  5. Adam Engel
  6. Dylan Covey
  7. Brad Goldberg
  8. Jacob May

Marv Staehle ttm return

Ball 132 came in today from Marv Staehle.  I was bummed at first to see it on the side panel.  After looking at the letter that was added to my letter, they apologized for Marv's shaky signature due to his Parkinsons. 

The players from his era are very good TTM signers.

As I keep track of signed balls by year, here is the update.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Jimmie Schaffer ttm return

Jimmie Schaffer spent one of his eight years in the majors on the South Side.  He also spent a good amount of time on coaching staffs in Baltimore and Kansas City.  I found a great article about him and Eddie Murray.

He signed ball #131 via TTM.  There was a 7 day turnaround.  He has an awesome clean signature.

From the 1965 team, he is ball #9 signed.  That year is 26.47% complete which is tied for the 8th most complete set in my collection.  I don't anticipate ever complete all of the players from a year but it is a fun challenge.  

Matt Davidson TTM return from Spring Training

Right after SoxFest, I sent 5-6 TTM requests to different White Sox players.  As Matt is a solid signer, I sent to him.  These came back from Ranger ST in about 17 days.  Although his signature isn't the best, it is good to get him back.  I hope he does well with Texas.  A couple of highlight videos from last year with the bat and his arm.

This is the first signed card from the 2019 Topps Series.  From 2018 Topps/Topps Update, I have the following signed so far:

  1. 232 Nate Jones
  2. 258 Tyler Saladino
  3. 306 Nicky Delmonico
  4. 417 Yolmer Sanchez
  5. 695 Matt Davidson
  6. US11 Adam Engel
  7. US192 Daniel Palka

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Geovany Soto purchase

Ball 130 came via an ebay purchase.  The ball was 6 + shipping so it was a good deal.  Soto was part of a 2015 team that I thought was going to be solid but it didn't happen.  He came back in 2017 and didn't play alot due to injuries.

I have signed balls from 22/51 players from 2017 and 12/40 from the 2015 team.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Chris Volatad ttm return

Ball 129 came in today from Chris Volstad.  Chris's career on the South Side was very forgettable from a stats standpoint but he always seemed to be around for my baseball watching career and I always liked him.  He played in one of the few Cubs games I went to and was a regular for the Indianapolis Indians before he joined the White Sox in 2017.  He was DFA'd in 2018.  He currently owns two breweries in Florida.  I sent these items on 12/18/18 to his brewery and it returned on 2/14/19.

With SoxFest, Minor League Games; 2018 is my most complete year with ROMLB's at just over 50% and 2017 is in 2nd place.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Wayne Causey ttm romlb

Ball 128 came from Wayne Causey.  Wayne Causey had a solid 11 year career with his strongest years coming from his years in Kansas City.  He played in Chicago from 1966-1968.  He is a great signer TTM.  

Although 50 years ago, The White Sox players form the 60's are great through the mail.  From Wayne's years on the South Side, I have 8 balls signed from players from the 1966 and 1967 Team and 7 from the 1968 team.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Ryan Cordell 8x10 TTM Return

I was surprised to see an 8x10 TTM return today as I hadn't sent one in a while.  This was sent in September to the park.  This is the 47th player/coach from 2018 that I received back.  Looking forward to the next season!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Damaso Marte Private Signing

One of my bigger projects I am working on is to get the 11x14 SI cover of the 05 team signed by every player.  I am doing pretty well on it but know that the last players will be difficult to finish.  When I saw that Damaso Marte was doing a signing at the pinstripe party, I knew I had to get him.  Luckily, someone was doing mail orders from SCN.  

The following players/coaches have signed my item.
  1. Ozzie Guillen
  2. Harold Baines
  3. Don Cooper
  4. Man Soo Lee
  5. Joey Cora
  6. Art Kusnyer
  7. Jose Contreras
  8. Neal Cotts
  9. Freddy Garcia
  10. Jon Garland
  11. Orlando Hernandez
  12. Damaso Marte
  13. Cliff Politte
  14. A.J. Pierzynski
  15. Chris Widger
  16. Geoff Blum
  17. Joe Crede
  18. Willie Harris
  19. Tadahito Iguchi
  20. Paul Konerko
  21. Pablo Ozuna
  22. Juan Uribe
  23. Jermaine Dye
  24. Carl Everett
  25. Timo Perez
  26. Scott Podsednik
  27. Aaron Rowand
From the playoff roster, I am missing
  1. Tim Raines
  2. Greg Walker
  3. Mark Buehrle
  4. Juan Uribe
  5. Luis Vizcaino
  6. Dustin Hermanson
I admit, it will be difficult to get those last 6 but it will be fun trying.  

I also got a ball signed.  It is the 127th in my collection.  It would be really cool to get a ball signed by every 2005 player, I have a ways to go on this as I am 9/38 (23.68%) complete.  His other two years are not any closer to be complete (2003-10% complete, 2004-14.29% complete).