Friday, March 29, 2019

Steve Kemp private signing

Although I was three years old his one year in Chicago, I bet Steve Kemp had a lot to live up to after being traded for Chet Lemon.  He had a respectable year in Chicago driving in 98 before signing with the Yankees for 1983. 

Ron Schueler TTM ROMLB

Ron Schueler pitched for two seasons on the South Side to end his playing career after stints in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Minnesota. He also was a big architect for some of my favorite players from middle school and high school as the GM. 

Nick Capra TTM Return

I sent a handful of TTM's this spring training.  This is my 4th or 5th return.  Nick Capra signed two team cards as well as an autograph card (my second in my collection).  We are traveling to North Carolina next week and will try to get some of these signed by some minor leaguers. 

Tim Anderson Bobblehead

I had a chance to win one at SoxFest but as my daughter loves nesting dolls, I opted for that instead.  This was a pretty good deal on ebay ($12.99 with shipping included).  It is an odd bobblehead as there isn't a lot of sliding ones.  Hoping for a big season from Tim.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Mike Colbern ROMLB purchase

Ball 145 in my collection came from Mike Colbern.  I recently read of his death on SCN with this post:

I just got off the phone with my source. Apparently the head of the MLBPAA in Arizona told him he died a few weeks back. Mike was living out of his car when I last spoke to him in 2010. He was taking up to 20 pills a day. He had a hard life. Hopefully he’s at peace at last.

It is very sad when you hear about the tough life of players.  I wish him and his the best.

Derek Holland TTM return

My 5th spring training return came in from Derek Holland.  He signed both cards that I sent him.  Maybe later I will try and send a ball.  His time on the South Side was short but he was a fun player on the team.

My 2017 Topps and Update Series now has 9/30 white sox cards signed (Fulmer, Jones, Saladino, Putnam, Engel, Holland, Covey, Goldberg and May).

My 2017 Topps Heritage series now has 6 different cards signed (Jones, Team Card, Shields, Saladino, Giolito and Holland)

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Caleb Frare TTM Return

Last fall, after Caleb Frare was traded to the White Sox, I sent him and a couple of September call-ups some custom index cards to get signed.  He politely replied stating he doesn't sign stock items but would sign cards, balls, etc.

I was thrilled when I saw him on this year's Heritage so I sent him a ball and 2 cards (1 for him to keep).  They came back today (Ball #144).  When looking at the card, I saw that he also got Kopech to sign the card.  This was unexpected but very awesome.

This is my first signed card from the 2019 Topps Heritage set.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Aaron Rowand and Jose Contreras ROMLB consignment

Balls 142 and 143 came in today as part of a consignment of two very popular 2005 White Sox players.  I was bummed to see Aaron Rowand get traded as I though Jim Thome was not necessary (lol).   I am glad he is in the org now as I think he has something great to offer younger players.

Jose Contreras was the man for many years.  I loved watching him play.  I won tickets to a game in 2006 where it was Contreras vs. Johan Santana.  They were both dealing.  It was awesome!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Tim Raines ROMLB purchase

Tim Raines was one of my favorite players when I began collecting in 1987.  In the early 90's when he signed with the White Sox, I was really excited.   He is a regular at SoxFest and was part of the 2005 Coaching staff so he has cemented himself as a fan favorite.

I purchased this ball as ebay has a 15% off deal.  It came with a beckett certification.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Ted Lepcio ttm return

Ball 140 came from Ted Lepcio today.  He is mostly known for his time in Boston and he only played in 5 games in Chicago before being released and later signed by the Minnesota Twins in 1961.  He wrote in his letter that he still goes to a lot of Boston Red Sox games as he lives in the Boston Area. 

In anticipation for a Spring Break trip where we will see Kannapolis and Charlotte, I purchased some Signature cards.  I threw one in the package and he returned that as well. 

Nate Jones purchaes

Recently, I have begin selling/trading most of my cards.  I debated on what to keep and decided to keep the Topps Flagship/Update and Heritage cards.  The chasing of the colors and variations were overwhelming so I decided to get out of the hunt.  I did want to keep a couple of my rainbows and chasing of a collection.

Last year in a case break, I picked up an Abreu superfractor of 2018 Chrome.  I started to chase the rainbow and am just missing the Gold #/50 and 3 of the Printing Plates.

As Frank Thomas was a great player since 5th grade, I will casually collect his cards.

The other player I decided to keep collecting was Nate Jones.  

Why Nate Jones? We have met him a couple of times at SoxFest and a couple of other events and he is one of the nicest guys out there.  I think when I got to chasing autographs, he was one of the first I got before a game in 2013.  I had one ball that I had a bunch of people sign.  

As the longest current tenured White Sox, he does have a decent amount of cards but not an overwhelming amount.  Anyways, I got these 4 cards in the mail off of eBay purchases.  The 5x7 card is a first but I have a couple more coming.  

Monday, March 11, 2019

Roberto alomar ball purchase

I was debating on doing a Private Signing for Roberto Alomar.  His time on the South Side was short and not that impactful (-.04 WAR over his two years).  However, he is one of the best from the era, highlighted by his 12 consecutive all-stars and his HOF induction.  When I started doing the math for the private signing, it seemed more economical to go the certified ball on eBay.  

This is ball #139 in my collection.  He has a great signature!  

My HOF collection now has Alomar, Aparicio, Appling, Carlton, Fisk, Gossage, Thomas and Thome

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Alan Bannister return

Ball 138 came today from Alan Bannister.  He played from 1976-1980 on the South Side.  I asked him in my letter about the Disco Demolition day, he said it was crazier than you could imagine.  He also included a 76 Topps Card.

His era on the south side has some great TTM players but I haven't tried many of them yet.  
1976 (5)-Bannister, Garr, Gossage, Roof, Wood
1977 (6)-Bannister, Garr, Soderholm, Squires, Stone, Wood
1978 (7)-Bannister, Garr, Hinton, Soderholm, Squires, Stone, Wood
1979 (8)-Bannister, Dotson, Farmer, Garr, Hinton, Hoyt, Soderholm, Squires
1980 (6)-Baines, Bannister, Dotson, Farmer, Hoyt, Squires

Monday, March 4, 2019

Jose canseco private signing

I am really confused by this return.  I am 99% sure that I sent an ROMLB to get signed.  As it came back, it is a CROLB.  Hopefully, I can figure out what happened.  The person handling the private signing is top notch so I'm not sure what happened.  

Mike Joyce return

Ball #136 came in today from Mike Joyce.  He was a pitcher for the White Sox in the 1962 and 1963.  After his time with the White Sox organization, he played with the Mets but never made it back to the majors.  He is a great TTMer.  

Both years have some great names in my ROMLB collection.
1962-Aparicio, Baumann, Cunningham, Herbert, Horlen, Joyce, Martin, Peters, Pizarro
1963-Baumann, Cunningham, Hansen, Herbert, Joyce, Martin, McCraw, Peters, Pizarro, Shipley, Ward

Danny Farquhar ttm return

I don't know of anyone not rooting for Danny this year.  He has signed a minor league deal with the Yankees.  He has always been a great TTM player throughout his years.  This time he signed his 2018 cards via Yankees spring training.  Took about a month to turn around.

As far as the two series, I now have 5 cards from the 18 Heritage series (Delmonico, Sanchez, Engel, Palka and Farquhar). 

The 2018 Base/Update season is now 1/3 of the way complete with the following signed cards in my collection: Jones, Saladino, Delmonico, Sanchez, Davidson, Engel, Palka, Farquhar.