Saturday, May 16, 2020

Cups of Coffee on the South Side

As much as I love getting things signed by the big name players, I love the stories, the chase of the short cups of coffee players for the White Sox. Today, I got back one of these players when Mike Heathcott sent back a ball I sent to him.  Regardless, I admire these athletes and wanted to make note of their careers.

Here are the pitchers with the shortest time on the South Side that I have a signed ball in my collection:
Tim Stoddard-1 IP in 1975.  Went on to have 12 more years in the majors with the Orioles, Cubs, Padres, Yankees and Indians.

Vito Valentinetti-1 IP in 1954.  Afterwards, he pitched for the Cubs, Indians, Tigers and Senators from 1956-1959.
Mike Heathcott 3IP in 1998.  He struck out 3 in his only game.
Joe Shipley 4.2 IP in 1963.  Prior, he had three years with the Giants from 1958-1960.
Don Ferrarese-4 IP in 1960.  Overall had an 8 year career with the Orioles, Indians, Phillies and Cardinals from 1955-1962.

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